Good News – Android 6.0 Marshmallow Coming to Infinix Note 2 Soon

Good news to all Infinix Note 2 users. . . Something sweeter than
Valentine is about to happen. Well, Infinix Note 2 is one of the mighty
defender Infinix released last year and those who own it can actually testify
its local goodness even though I once ranted about it.

The good news is that Note 2 will start
getting Beta Updates soon based on Android Marshamllow for
all the Beta Testers.
Beta testers are those users who get the
opportunity to test any updates on Infinix note before it will be release to
the public. You’ll test and report if there is any bug with the rom.

The truth is, if it get to beta users, it
will definitely get to ordinary public infinix Note 2 users in no distant time.
How Can I Join The Beta Testers?
To Join the beta users, Click on this link
here and fill the form. You’ll be contacted via your email in 2 days.
Atleast, with this, there is hope that Note 2
will be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow soon. 
What is the hope of other Infinix devices?
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75 thoughts on “Good News – Android 6.0 Marshmallow Coming to Infinix Note 2 Soon”

  1. yomiprof, I post is not related to this topic.
    but can you help out on how to use tweakware. and all that is involved in using it.

    • I think, this is it.. right…

      How to use Tweakware VPN with MTN-NIGERIA (NO BIS Required):

      ==>Configure/Set your Modem's access point to "" then connect to the Internet.

      ==>Set up Tweakware VPN as follows:
      — On the Main screen, Select any server from the drop-down list and tick protocol "TCP".
      — Click Settings and fill in your Username and Password (Premium account).
      — Make sure "use proxy for tcp" is NOT ticked. (untick it if it is). — Tick on "R.Port For Connect" and type 5222 OR 554 on the box beside it.
      — (If no TAP Driver is installed on your PC): Click Utilities and click on "Install TAP 32 Adapter" and allow it to finish.

      ==>Connect Tweakware VPN and wait till it successfully connects, then set your Internet applications to use No Proxy.

      ==>If it takes too long to connect, right-click on the "connecting…" button and click force disconnect then reconnect

  2. oga Yomi, pls I need your help. ever since I upgraded my hot note pro to lollipop, the camera has lose it quality… the picture looks very hazy, don't know where the problem from I ve clean the camera glass but still the same

  3. We can as well say they made Hot 2 d scapegoat. Used it as a test of all their major upgrades. After that android one fall out of a phone without file manager and gallery, they came out with a brand new XUI update for their hot notes.

    • Lol… hahahahaha. afi scape goat na. Just can't stop laughing cause it really cracked me up. Hot 2 is actually a scape goat to all infinix devices no wonder they've lots of bugs on that crappy device.

  4. please Prof. i'd like to inquire from you which to go for between infinix zero 3 and infinix hot 2 or hot note pro. (price is not a factor to be considered) thanks


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