Important Notice: Glo Data Gone Wrong, Now Zaps Data

doesn’t sound like good news nor bad news but you can classify it as any news
but I can tell you that some elemental spirit has tampered with Glo Blackberry
plan data cap. Before the 1K 3GB was increased to N1400 3G, Glo blackberry plan was
working fine without any excessive data charges. But I noticed something
strange in the last few days which prompted me to make this post up.

subscribed for a friend Glo 2GB for N1,000 and it didn’t last up to a week
without downloading anything. On the same phone, I sub for another 3GB N1400 and exactly
after 3days, it was exhausted. Note that no downloading of any kind… In short
the sub was done on a Blackberry 10 device.

made another subscription on another Blackberry 10 device N1500, 3GB for the
past 3 weeks and its yet to be exhausted.

point is, Glo 2GB and 3GB data for N1,000 & N1,400 (blackberry plan) respectively  doesn’t last at all. It zaps like Airtel data.
Instead of subscribing for any of those plans, I’ll advice you go for the N1,500 plan.
It may be a little bit on the high side but it’s worth it.

if you’ve made any of the above subscription before, kindly let us know if your
own data last or not.

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62 thoughts on “Important Notice: Glo Data Gone Wrong, Now Zaps Data”

  1. Off topic.
    Did you guys noticed something with this eMpTy heN network? You said i should go on? Okay.
    I have like 4 of this networks sims, two are on Beta-talk while the other two are on I-pulse tarrif.
    But, on my Beta talk sim, you can't believe that i make just 5minutes plus call to another eMpTy heN line and lo and behold, #400 airtime has been exhausted.
    Before you say anything amiss, normally, before the issue of Parliament intervention in the NCC-MTN saga, the rate is very normal and sane but, what i experienced today, is outta this world.

    1st, Xtral cool is down, truTalk is dead, bblited isnt working normal, then this. Are we sure eMpTy heN has not starts their revenge of the Fine on their subscribers?

    Oga Yomi, sorry i digress off topic.

  2. Hmmm na wa 4 glo. I subscribed 4 my uncle is not up to 2wks d mb remain 74mb. Besides i dont see it funny again subscribing 4 glo becos of dis dia network instability. Oga Yomi pls which network is more preferable.

  3. YP.. Wanna Ask.. Since I've changed my infinix IMEI to that of BB IMEI, will the MTN blackberry Complete(BBC) work on it just like the GLO Comonth?

  4. Let's hope you are right. Even my I-pulse is popping up 40k/s which isnt what am used to before. I haven't call with that rate on my ipulse before frankly. Even downloading with bblited is trouble. Their network on 3g is somehow even their Edge browse faster than 3G HONESTLY. The highest download speed i've experienced is 2MBPS-too low for me.

  5. all dis guys crying about costly call rates. try out etisalat easy life 4.0 limited edition. it works just like d cancelled truetalk plus on mtn. N5 deduction for 1st call of d day and den d rest is 11kb/s to all networks. d best tariff around ryt now

  6. Oga yomi check that phone u use evil spirit dey am i just did 1400 for 3gb i don download Quantico blindspot and American crime story all season and i still get 1.5gb Nothing do glo

  7. Dis dollar na virus wey com dey spread go everywhere? A friend also made the same complaint, but the z30 data history showed dat my friend used 3gb on Instagram alone for just 1wk… Na the only proof wey I fit take console my friend be dat oooo… I no even know who teach Queen of the coast about tech…

  8. Yes ooo, I have a data monitor and I have followed the readings on two diferent subs, I noticed that the data cap was around 2.5g and not 3gig


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