Hurrah! We Finally Have Our Winners From YP Free Giveaway

I want to sincerely appreciate all those who participated in
the YP Giveaway… lots of people actually participated and the truth still
remain, everybody cannot win. We finally have our two winners as reported by
Gleam. 265 Invalid entries were deleted and only valid entries were counted.

Here comes the top three
Name                       Entries             Actions
Nmaju Noble          239                   120

Simeon Udoh          183                    95

Monark Rnb           184                     93
Unfortunately, we have only gift for the first two winners. 
Send me a mail with your full name, house address (Where you
want your item delivered), closest location to your house address and phone
number. Remember the rule of the contest, you must take a photograph of the
gift item with your face fully shown upon receiving it.
Thank you all once again for participating. Next one
promises to be better and bigger.
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19 thoughts on “Hurrah! We Finally Have Our Winners From YP Free Giveaway”

    • Lol. And you are the most active person I've ever seen on this blog. You always have something to say. I don't know Noble and Simeon could be more active. Nice try. Am sure you'll surely win the next one. Who knows, the next one could even be a car! (YP, you hear me? Big ups to you!)

    • R&B Music, don't be sad or confuse! I didnt decided who win, gleam decided. All invalid entries where delited. More than 400 people participated in this contest.

      Don't worry, I know you are one of the most active commenter on this blog but I've something bigger and better for you. Just chill bro.

  1. Big Shout-out To Yomiprof For The Opportunity.

    I am grateful to God & My able Boss ; Prof Yomi.

    I am a fan of Yomiprof although You won't see me comment Because I use Opera mini browser. I get tutorial & latest Tech news from Yomiprof.

    Thanks Once again boss

  2. yomiprof thanks for thus opportunity normally the thought of a smart watch wouldnt have crossed my mind because these devices are expensive and i dont know if i can afford it as a struggling student in nigeria under the current economic crises, it would be lovely and kind of you if you can help a student with determination and focus to help him achieve his goals of academic excellence


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