Register Your Mtn Line And Get #1,000 Instant Airtime With Other Freebies

It is obvious that MTN Nigeria  plans to deactivate  every line that is not registered by 30th
of June, 2013. It simply means that those unregistered sim will be disconnected
from making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, accessing the internet.
Infact the line will be useless and worthless. Perhaps you have registered your line, but your information is not complete on their site, you will equally be disconnected.Even though you have active Bis subscription, and large amount of credit on your phone, it will be rendered useless and impotent… lol!

I lately discovered that those who received the initial
bonus from Mtn by sending M to 799 are those registered or not before it will be ambush without you knowing the cause and finally disconnected.

who have successfully registered their
line. Perhaps you did not receive anything from them, it will be nice to check
if your line is

How Do I Know If My Line Is Registered?
Send REG to 746 and they will reply you confirming your sim registration status.
Last night I got a message on my unregistered sim like this ‘Their
subscriber, registered your line and get 1000 instant airtime for mtn to mtn on
net calling’. So those who have not registered your line, you can do that now
and get free 1,000 recharge card from Mtn. Not only will they give you #1,000 free recharge card, but a lot of freebies await you upon registering your line.
I believe other network will follow the same pertain sooner
or later in the future. So do have a successful Morning guys.
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11 thoughts on “Register Your Mtn Line And Get #1,000 Instant Airtime With Other Freebies”

  1. How can MTN say my line is not registered after registering the line? No wonder i did not partake of the initial bonus… They should not block my line oooo

    • You be Mtn? it will affect your sim jooor if you don't register it. Inshort i am pretty sure that no magic sim will work again after ur line is being deactivated.

  2. no i did it on my magic sim and they did not stop in is when you leave mtn pulse to any other like mtn family and friends thats when they will block it am rocking it i used it to post dis so dont be afraid to try it but u might not be lukky ooohhhh

  3. Hello guys, I have been using the mtn magic sim since last year November lol. I have already registered my line long ago but yesterday someone called me from MTN customer care and told me to update my account by sending my state of origin to 799. He also told me that I have registered it but it wasn't fully registered so I have to update it or else by 30th of this month I'll not be able to use my line anymore.I sent my state of Origin to 799 and they credited my line with 400 naira bonus and they replied telling me that I have successfully updated my account. it didn't stop my Magic sim from browsing. so I strongly advise you all to register and update your sim or else your so called Magic sim 'll stop working. yomiprof keep the good work and try to keep any tewak or flaws on a lowkey by sending them straight into individuals email so we can enjoy t while it last

  4. yomipro, My 2 days ago MTN got to 100% and it stopped browsing. Yesterday I tried hacking a new sim (128k)and it was successful but I just received a message now telling me that I have used 25%. This was how it happened with the last sim now am scared because I know when it gets to 100% it will stop working again just like the formal sim. before the last sim stopped working, after I received a message telling me I have used up to 50% I tried sending 103 106 107 2h 100h reset all to 131 b4 it was exhausted but it stopped working when it got to 100%. please do you have anybody with similar experience or complain? any help?

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