Final Solution To E303 Modems – Get Your Unlock Code Now!

Hello guys, I must sincerely apologize to those whose
DC-Unlocker client demanded password and username; though it’s not displaying
username and password on my ends but I will try and fix it out. Meanwhile, for
the E303 modem owners,  I have a
profitable solutions for you guys; just chill and ride with me slowly.
This are some of the unlock codes for those who sent theirs
to me earlier on. Sorry if your own is not

their but you will definitely get
your unlock code. Please Check if the imei below looks like your own

861862009941213 Unlock code = 56860698
868988011960470 Unlock code = 51387632
867648010457362 Unlock code = 83372633
868988010875455 Unlock code = 82352432
868988011960470 Unlock code = 51387632 
How Can I Get My e303 Unlock Code?
There is a friend of mine online  who will unlock it for you in less than 48hrs.
Visit this link ModemUnlock
Drop your imei Number and check back within 24 to 48hrs
Remember to thank him once your modem is
In less than 48hrs or more, check back on the site and you
will get your unlock code.Once your modem is unlock, remember to come back here
and say thank you. Happy Unlocking friends.
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115 thoughts on “Final Solution To E303 Modems – Get Your Unlock Code Now!”

  1. Prof… My own is the glo netpro that doesn't show unlock code when you insert another SIM in the modem. How do I unlock that one

    • It is so unfurtunate that DC unlocker cannot unlock glo bolt modem neither can generated unlock code do that. It can only be done by updating your firmware… takes process bro

  2. @steve I have tried that but it always shows error while I try to update. Thanks bro but if there is any other way please tell me.

    • Glo Netpro for now is under supervision and maybe difficult to unlock at the moment but i am still working on it. Just relax your mind until i figure out a way out.

  3. Hello, yomi prof, the invisible browsing is it a trial version because the one i downloaded from the link you provided said i have 3 days trial. is there a way to make it full?

    again my magic sim says you ve use 50 percent of your time boudle and shortly after that it stop browsing. any help?

  4. Good morning Pals.. Please does anyone here know how to unlock etisalat huawei modem b970
    imei: 355983033089572


  5. Thank you Prof. Yomi for the wonderful help you are rendering here. I'm just too grateful. I need unlock code for my Glo E303 modem. Here is the IMEI: 867648012522049

    • Am happy you are also able to unlock it through that means; but should in case of next time, you can visit to unlock any huawei modem free of charge.

  6. @yomi pls i also need to unlock my glo bolt netpro modem. please kindly post the tutorial for us soon. thanks alot

  7. i have my unlock code, what next? cos when i put a diff sim in the modem it doesnt ask me to provide an unlock code or password…i would really appreciate ur help.

  8. Sup Bro. I'm highly pleased with your good work. Thumps up!!!
    Kindly help me unlock ma huawei e303 modem.
    IMEI: 861862008950488

  9. Good morning guys, my server is currently down and i will refer you to a friend of mine online who will unlock your modem for you inless than 24hours Just visit Modem Unlock and drop your imei and my friend will unlock it for you. Sorry for the inconviniencies.

  10. Prof.. Good morning to you.. pls i want you to help me to unlock my Huwaei E303, IMEI: 867648010375432
    hope to hear from you asap

  11. hello
    please I need your help to get the unlock code for my Huawei E303 Hilink modem
    Here is the IMEI: 868988013037467
    Thank you so much

  12. I have a HUAWEI E303s-1 locked dongle.
    please help me to find the NEW ALGO unlock code for that
    IMEI = 868988014494659

    hope you will kindly support in my problem.

    thanks a lot

  13. hey please mine is huawei e303 with imei 867648010477162 i have 2 attempts left… my bb pin 222CCA13> phone no 2348160401498. i will appreciate it so much if i get the code>> keep up the good work

  14. please mr yomi i really find out you are doing a great job here!MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW.
    please have tried more than enough tutorial on how to unlock this my new GLO BLOT E303 with IMEI:861195003027774 because i find out that is not displaying unlock dialog box no matter the other Sim i put except go alone!!!!all triers lead to failure(have use hauwei unlocker and writer,universal unclocker,dc unclocker client and update lead to failure)please is there still solution?help me please(i will appreciate and be glad if that is solve)yours friendly

    • hello Mariotic, your Glo bolt modem can only be unlock via firmware upgrade or downgrade. I'll post a comprehensive tutorial on how to go about it. Just be patient a little bit please.

  15. Version du logiciel :
    Version matérielle : CH2E303SM
    Version IU Web:
    Nom du périph. : E303
    IMEI: 868988012944630
    N°IMSI: 604000200017497
    Numéro de série : U9CBYA92B2821955

    Can you help me to unlock my modem huawei and his code verr sim


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