What You Don’t Know About APK Editor – Cloning Multiple Apps

One thing I love about Android device is the ability to
tweak your device the way you want without any restriction. You must have been
wondering  about running multiple
instance of one app on your Android device if you wanted to sign in to two
facebook account, twitter or Instagram accounts at the same time. Officially
it’s not possible, but with what you are about to read, it will wow your mind
just like I already posted for Jailbroken iOS device using Social Duplicator for multiple WhatsApp.

However, if your intention is to run Multiple WhatsApp account on your Android by cloning WhatsApp app, this guide is not for you. You
might get successful in cloning WhatsApp but due to security features of
WhatsApp “Verification failed” error will pop up. But if you really wana run
varieties of whatsapp on on android device, ask me how?
For Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tomcat, Viber, Line or
any other app, this guide works flawlessly.
APK Editor is a powerful tool that can edit/hack apk files
to do lots of things for fun. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll
concentrate only on cloning your applications.
APK Editor & APK Editor Patch (Download here)
The file is zipped so if your Android doesn’t have winzip,
download one here
How Can I Run Multiple Apps on My Android?

==>Install Apk editor you downloaded above on your
==>open the Apk editor app and make sure seen directory
is /sd card/.
==>Important: You need to get apk for the app you wish to
clone on your Android. If you are unfamiliar with the apk download procedure,
please follow this guide Download apk on PC. Transfer the downloaded apk file from PC to
your Android via USB cable. For reference, I am taking Instagram to clone on my
==>Now open Apk editor
File Manager app and locate the apk you transferred to your device in the
previous step. Long press the apk
and from the pop up Select “Clone”. Press
==>Now, Change the name of the
apk. Name it Whatever you wish and Press Ok. 
==>Now open your
regular File manager app and locate the cloned app. Install it as you install
any other app.
==>That’s it… You can do the same and install variety of
apps as you wish.
Remember, if you are able to follow this steps
successfully, you are the boss, if not your Android smartphone is your boss.
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39 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About APK Editor – Cloning Multiple Apps”

    • Are you sure your WhatsApp is up to date?
      I believe it could be the issue.

      But if its up to date and still don't work then try uninstalling it and install WhatsApp plus.

      Lemme hear your feedback

  1. Yomi pls, How much do u know about increasing android ram wit #R AM EXPANDER , was watching a YouTube video about it buh I don't know How save it is especially on mtk devices

    • Its popular really but I don't believe it.

      To me its risky and it doesn't work.

      Used it once on my tecno D5.
      Though the Ram Expander claims its taken part of my sdcard for ram but my phone still suffer low ram.

      so its overhyped and doesnt work

    • Hello Samflex,
      Everything in this life involve risk. Ram Expander work wella. Have even made a post on it before downloading d original Ram expander for free.

      @Sir Joe I'll look for the post and post the lin to U.

    • maybe yomi forget to add. but lemme do it for him.

      that APK CLONNER is in zip file download it and unzip.
      in the zip folder you will see 2 applications with the same name but one has. (patch) in bracket out of the 2.

      install the one without patch and open.
      when it opens it will tell u its trial version but just ignore and minimize then go back to that zip folder and install the one with patch.
      let it override existing application.
      after installing it launch it and u get the paid version.



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