Beam – This App Let You See What Other Person is Typing…

Have you ever been typing a message and all of a sudden you
discover that the message is not nice enough to be send most especially on
your chat messenger, and then start all over again?  If you are that type, then the person you are
chatting with must have read all what you’ve typed letter by letter before you
even decide to erase it with this chat messenger.
… is writing a message…  

Beam messenger is one of the latest mobile apps that
allow you to see what the other person is typing as they are texting, letter by
letter; if possible it will even allow you to  read their thought from your ends.
This app simply takes instant messaging
to the next level. I know it will help your curtail the way type your messages
before erasing them. An app that exposes your thought processes and typing skills (or lack
thereof) seems like it could raise privacy concerns for some users.You might want to give it a shot using the below download links;

Can I Download It?
You can download it here for Android
Blackberry users, still in process…
just be calm and Hala Beam!

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