How To Make WhatsApp Free For Life

Well this is a simple tutorial for everyone who have got almost expired
whatsapp installed on their smartphones or PC. If you don’t need this post now,
I bet 6months plus from now, you’ll be looking for this particular post to read
because by then, your installed whatsapp must have expired or approaching
expiry date. 

I can’t just imagine my grandma paying $0.99 dollar every
year just to use whatsapp when bbm and facebook are free for use; that’s not just
I know $0.99 is a little cash but some folks won’t just pay
to use any app on playstore, or app world. Back to business, I’ll be so brief
with the proceeding steps.
How Can I Get Whatsapp For Free a Lifetime?
I’ll share only two steps here. For the first steps, you
need the following requirements;
==>A device running Android OS
==>Another device running iOS e.g iPad or iPhone
This is how it works.
If you’ve already installed whatsapp on your
android device, delete your account completely
Look for an iPhone or iPad that whatsapp has not
been install and download it afresh from iTunes
Install it, activate your mobile number and
verify it
Now, use your activated number on your android
device  or any other device and Check
your Service time it is extended to Lifetime or 10 years.
And Method Two,
==>Open Whatsapp on your Device
==>Go to settings, click on Account
==>Click on delete account
==>Enter your mobile number in the given field and then
click on delete my account
Now that you are no more on
Whatsapp, Follow below steps to get whatsapp back with extended validity.
==>Now again open whatsapp and create a new account with new
==>Now check your Whatsapp expiry date by navigating to > Settings
> Account > Payment info
 You should see extended trial
period of your whatsapp account.
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18 thoughts on “How To Make WhatsApp Free For Life”

  1. sorry it is in d wrong thread but really need help.
    I rooted my tecno P5 using framaroot and it worked fine. I later had a problem wit my fone so i had to factory reset. Now i dont av superuser installed again, tried re-installing but i always got su-binary not installed message. I also tried rerooting with framaroot but superuser still doesn't come back. When i check wit root checker i get a message dat my phone as not been rooted… Really need help asap

    • Hello great anonym, their are two ways you can easily do this and i'll quickly show you how you can do that in few steps.


      1. Get a phone that is compatible with Whatsapp
      2. Insert your memory card and sim card inside the phone that accepts Whatsapp
      3. Download Whatsapp with the phone that accepts Whatsapp with Your sim and memory card inside the Phone
      4. Move the Whatsapp to your memory card after doing that, remove the memory card and sim and insert them back into your phone then check your memory card and locate the Whatsapp and open it… You are Good 2go.


      you must have at least 3mb free memory space on your phone/memory card. At least 5mb of data and N10 must be on your phone to cater for the downloading of the application, updating it and text message to confirm your phone number during installation. Once you have avail your self with these minimum requirements, you can now proceed to the procedures listed below.

      ==>you need to download these two files: Whatsapp jar and Whatsapp jad

      ==>After downloading the two files on your phone, you will only see the Whatsapp.jar. Don’t open this file

      ==>Click on option, scroll down and select Update Version

      ==>After a successful update, open the application and supply your details in the required column and then click continue.
      Any of the method above will work on your nokia asha.


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