Mtn Magic Text – Text Unlimited For Life To Any Network

Evening guys, I guess we are all having a nice time. Well,
Kudus to Mr James who brought this Mtn Magic text leakage to my notice this
evening and I must precisely say you are the best. 
You have been enjoying the MTN magic sim all the while
coupled with the unlimited, unstoppable browsing with Hotspot shield; not only
that, but I also learn’t that the 32k sim can be activated which inturns means
that if you are having a 32kb sim, you can hack it to be a magic sim with thesame
procedures. Please make sure you call customer care to activate the 2H plan for
you in order to avoid you 250 being deducted without the plan giving to you.
Patience is a virtue we must all embrace;  

some people waited for a whole week
before their sim was activated and now they’v been enjoying free surfing. Mine
has been working for more that 2months now. Tested and Trusted!

Without much stories, I will be introducing you to Mtn Magic
text. I call it Magic text because it allow you to send text messages free of
charge, not only to mtn network but to all network without a dime been deducted
from your account. Even with zero naira, you will text and text until you are
tired of sending sms. Despite the fact that sms charges in Nigeria is now #4, I still believed
that you have the right to send sms to any network free of charge. 
It’s just a simple procedure – Just input + in-front of the
receivers address e.g +080666666666 then send your message to any network for
free. I have been sending without being charge at all.
NB: Make sure your delete the 234 sign before sending it
Mtn introduces Magic voice, we introduces Magic Sim; and now
Magic text. Flex it guys while it last.
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54 thoughts on “Mtn Magic Text – Text Unlimited For Life To Any Network

  1. Pls prof explain more to us on hw to activate d 32k sim to browse unlimited. After subscribin 4 d 2hrs plan. Wat re dose tins we ave to do nxt prof. I did 1 nd up til nw it is nt wrkn perfctly.pls prof i want u to guide us on this again. Tanx 4 al uve bin hlpn us wit.

  2. Prof is it a most dat we must browse for d 2hrs completly or we cn jst browse 4 sum minute say 30mins nd remove d sim. If we remove d sim, hw many hrs re we to kip d sim 4. Pls prof xplain dat 4 d magic sim

  3. prof whats the short code for checking mb on glo. Like *. …..#

    Tnks for the text tweak. Wrkd 100% fine. 🙂

  4. Tnx a lot Yomi. We truly appreciate. But I nid a favor frm u, my magic sim redirects me to mtn online sumtimes, wat do I do, or is it my firefox browser setting? Tnx a lot we appreciate

  5. My own magic sim 2 redirects me to mtnonline wateva. Conects nd disconents at tyms despite d hotspot shield. Pls prof wat cn we do to avoid dis. We also want to enjoy wat u al av bin enjoyn. Tanks prof yomi

  6. @Kabiru… just exercise a little bit of patience, latter it will no longer redirect you to mtn page.
    @Adekunle, did mtn gave you the 2Hrs plan?

  7. Prof. Plz i want to buy a tecno android phone and iz btw tecno N3 and tecno Q1.plz which one should i go for. Thanks

    • Says who? Free for life. Inshort my own comes with 4K free air time bonus in about 2 of my mtn sim.. being making calls since morning.
      That is why it is magic… non stop!

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