How To Download Youtube Videos With Your Blackberry Phone Directly

Evening guys, i guess we all enjoyed the Glo Magic MegabytesMultiplier’s effect? Atleast I was able to download files worth over 50GB, and
this evening the good guys decided to wipe it off.
I have decided to carve out a tutorial that will be beneficial
to everybody most especially the Etisalat Bis users. The Etisalat Bis users
have been so unfortunate in time past this year despite the fact that Etisalat
reduced  their Bis tariff to #1,000. I noticed that you can’t watch Youtube videos with etisalat despite the
fact that it is unlimited; but you can do that with Mtn and Airtel. Etisalat
Bis cannever finish except they set ‘fair usage policy’ like MTN.

Without much ado, to all bis users, this tutorial will teach
you how you can easily download any Youtube videos of your choice directly on
your blackberry  device and then transfer
it to your  system. One thing most people
don’t  know is that YouTube is a video
sharing site that allow it’s  Don’t allow your Eti
BB plan to waste only on Pinging and FaceBooking, download until you are tied of

users to watch and download full or trailer
movies. For your information, most of the movies I downloaded with my Glo free
GB is from Youtube.

I will share with you two different ways you can download
Full videos from Youtube to your blackberry device.
SS Executioner: I called this SS Executioner
because  it allows you to add SS to the
front of your URL  before taking  you to your normal download page. And it also
reduces the  size of  videos to the smallest
capacity before downloading. This is how it works
====> Go To YouTube and search for any
video you want to download
====> change the… to ssyoutube


=====> it will bring you to this
=====> Paste the copied url from your
youtube on this field and click on download
Now, your download link will appear and you
should see various options like MP4, FLV etc
Choose the one you want and click on
This second steps is pretty much
easier, just visit
you can do a search and then download your  favorite videos in MP4 format including latest
Nigerian movies.
I think I should stop here for now.. Don’t pity Etisalat
oooo download until you recover your money.
Don’t forget to always use the comment box to ask your
questions and i will answer you immediately.

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36 thoughts on “How To Download Youtube Videos With Your Blackberry Phone Directly”

  1. Was told by an eti customer care lady that wen u browse from your web browser,u will be charged from ur account,so where will I be able to view youtube videos and download???? if not browser or operamini that I will not be charged ,its true that etisalat is unlimited only on bbm tyns*

    • I don't think she is saying the truth. I currently have Zero naira on my Eti Sim and i browse from all the browser on my BB yet it goes without any unscrupulous elemetent charges. It is only when you want to watch youtube on your phone that the charges begin. So keep downloading my brother for the fear of Etisalat is the begining of Unlimited!

  2. yomi dat glo is not working again i tried it all tru yerternight but it did not work it was show am already on the current selected profile

  3. Yomiprof I do appreciate all your effort, I must confess that this is the best site I have visited, plz I have a glo sim which I have not register but I can't remember the number again, how do I get the number please?

    • It is very easy.. Just send please call me back to anyone you know that are using glo line and they can always text your number back to you once they receive your call me back message. To send call me back, dial *125*Number# then press send key

  4. Yomi are you ignoring my question? i sked if i can still activate my mtn magic sim and the glo is not working at all cos i have tried it.or is it becos am in DELTA?

    • Sorry my [email protected] top, u did nt post dis question in d right thread dats y I am not responding to ur questn. It is important u check d thread b4 askn questn plz. Anyway, u can stil activate d magic sim only if u get ur 2Hrs plan subscribed. In Most cases, Mtn will deduct ur 250 without giving u d 2Hrs plan bt if u can call dem to activate the 2Hrs plan 4 u without sending 2Hrs to 131 after then can u activate ur Magic sim. The Glo tweak as bn discontinue since yesterday.

  5. Bro, I really reall appreciate ur post… This is what I have been searching for. Thanks a milllllliiiiioooooonnn.

  6. Is Etisalat BIS supscrition unlimited unlike the present MTN supscription? And if yes, can I use it on my computer?

  7. Wow! This ȋ̝̊̅ڪ cool just downloaded M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥♡̬̩̃ fav videos ~»τ̲̣̣̥н̲̣̣̣̥ά̲̣̣̣̥п̲̣̣̥к̲̣̣̥
    γ̲̣̣̥o̲̣̥υ̲̣̥«~ . YOMI U̶̲̥̅̊ º°˚˚°ºareº°˚˚°º¤♡̬̩̃ †ђξ bomb

  8. Plsss I rili need ur hlp regarding downloadin videos frm youtube on bb.I did as u instructed not until I got to d part wea I was to click on download den choose d format I want.I clicked on d dwnlosd button bt didn't get any response nd I clicked on d format I wanted only for d video to start playin it self.notin like open,save or cancel as bb does wen u wana dwnload.wat do I do

  9. Bro.. Thumbs up.. But how is etisalat bis unlimited wen my mega bites is bein deducted anytime am browsin and downloadin.. I see it anytime I dail *228#.. Pls let me know how it is unlimtited cos I don't want my bis to finish in less dan just 2 weeks o.. Pls reply.. Thanks.. Ejiro

  10. Dear yomiproff, I'm not gay but I love u men!!!. You have absolutely no idea how this issue of not being able to download youtube videos with my blackberry has frustarated my life. Pls I'd like to extend my appreciation. This is my numb. and bb pin 07031203995. 2A9864E7. Holla me whenever you are chanced. The name is chuma.


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