Browse With Your Etisalat BIS On Pc Without Any Software – Download unlimited

Finally, I have come to the end of my seven  days testing as promised earlier. Etisalat rock on Pc well and
faster. To all my Etisalat users, this tutorial is for you.Using your Etisalat BIS on PC involves the following steps:

Tools needed:
> Etisalat SIM
> GPRS enabled phone
> An Internet Modem
> Personal Computer/Laptop

2. Now that your SIM is internet ready, load a recharge card of N1000 to your
phone and subscribe to etisalat Monthly Blackberry plan.

1. Get an etisalat SIM and activate it for Data. A SIM should normally be
automatically activated for internet immediately you insert into your phone and
on it. If after some period you still dont get the setting sent to you. Push
etisalat Data Settings to your Phone. If you already have a SIM you have been
using it to browse, you dont need this step. Just proceed to step two.

COD  to  399
COW  to 399
COM  to 399

NB: Wait till you get an Etisalat SMS
that your subscription is successful.

3. Remove the Etisalat SIM and insert into you Internet Modem. Connect your
modem to your PC and create a new settings profile on your modem with the
following information:

Profile name: Etisalat BIS
ID/Username: leave empty Password: leave empty
Advanced Settings: Primary DNS:
Alternate DNS:

=> Save, select as the Default Setting and Connect to the Internet.

4. Now open your browser and use the following IP and Port.
PORT: 8080 Save it and you are almost done.

Then type on your browser address and your will see the miracle.

This trick also works on mobile phones directly without any need to configure your applications.


just goto your etisalat access point settings and edit ‘etisalat wap’ with the following settings:-
move to advanced settings»»
primary DNS address:
secondary DNS address:
then save, now use all your applications directly. This has been tested and confirmed working.

Dont forget to always drop your comments so that we can help you out with any challenges.

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42 thoughts on “Browse With Your Etisalat BIS On Pc Without Any Software – Download unlimited

  1. Its not working 4 me o.i have just spent my last 1k.did every thing both on modem and my e5.all in vain.are u sure its working cos since yesterday have been tryin even wit eti 3g network

  2. Guys, Should in case your Etisalat is not connecting with the settings above, i just discovered that it's connecting with Airtel Settings. Configured this on your modem
    Open a new profile settings and enter this config:
    Name: use anything
    password: internet
    Access number: *99#
    Save it and set it as your default.
    This is what i used in posting this new settings. It is working well and fast. Please do it the way i posted it here.

    • Ola, if the original etisalat settings is not working for you, try this Airtel settings i posted above. It is working well. Tested & Trusted! I am using mtn universal modem

  3. @Anonymous.. Yes. Use that same settings on a Usb modem, insert you etisalat bis sim into d modem and it will be connected without sweat.
    @Kosi, tanx a million.

  4. Thanks Mr. Yomi; it worked for me for about One minute then I started a download of a video from youtube, then suddenly it stopped working up till now, but my modem still connects normally maybe it is a temporary network issue

    • I think your own is just a temporary error. You can try it back again if it will connect. My own connected well; what keep baffling me is why other ppls own is not connecting.

    • Yes, i buy the idea of trying it first with daily plan since it's just @100 to see if it will worrk before investing in the normal monthly plan. I actually tested my own firstly with the daily plan, before i opted for the monthly plan. So, go ahead and give it a trial.

  5. Mr yomi it is still the same thing up till now,the thing will just load then nothing will show in my internet browser even having full internet connected signal..Do u have any other tricks for me? Thanks for the help anyway

  6. I tried it wit d daily plan. It connected alright, but data received doesn't move, only data sent. Data received is stuck @ 0.26kb. I used both airtel n etisalat config settings. Still same result. So wat am I doing wrong yomi?

  7. Oh I'm really not happy at all. Used my last cash to buy 1k recharge card now its not working. Too bad I don't use BB I could have used the subscription for my BB.

  8. @Cris gregory and Anonymous, sorry about what is happening but i'm going to check for another settings for you guys ASAP.
    @Anonymous, please don't make me cry.. Sorry about that, but i can't really figure out why it's not connecting for you guys but it connected on my system even browsing. Okay i will check for another settings for u guys ASAP.

  9. Used 1000 to subscribe for Eti BIS as directed and I have tried the Eti setting as well as the Airtel setting on the Eti SIM…No way o. Everytime I try to browse, it redirects my URL to
    Any solution? my 1000 is counting down o!!!

    • Please accept my sincere apologise for this inconveniences but the above settings you used as been blocked. Am trying all i can to locate a software that will enable Eti bis browse on system. i sincerely apologise for not notifying you earlier about the Update.

  10. Hello Yomi
    Is dia any ntwk in Nigeria running unlimited BIS NOW
    If dia is wch ntwk pls. And does it work on PC if yess wat are the settings. Thanks reply ASAP

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