Come in Here For Ideas on Smartphones & Laptops to Get on Black Friday?

This is the week of Black Friday and a lot of price slashes
will hit most gadgets and other items. But I am more interested on gadgets so
let’s talk about the gadget you’ll love to pick up this black Friday. Both on
Konga  and Jumia Platform.

Prices will fall Yakata on laptops and on smartphones, I am
actually waiting to get one of the best device at a more cheaper price if they
won’t injure the price too much. That same day, Innjoo will unleash one of
their new devices, and other new devices will come onboard.
I guess you don’t want to miss out on this so save the date
18th of Nov 2016 for Konga and 18th and 22nd
of Nov for Jumia.
Are you confused on what device or laptop to buy? Get in
here and we will suggest one for you.
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34 thoughts on “Come in Here For Ideas on Smartphones & Laptops to Get on Black Friday?”

  1. Prof that laptop is too expensive for even if the price will be reduce it won't be in the of 50k.
    Can I get a good laptop of 30-35k with good battery and encouraging ram that AutoCAD can work perfectly in it

    • Infinix note 2 2GB 16GB ram is N43,490 but it is already sold out on Jumia, I'm not sure if it will be available during Black Friday. You can check Slot for it.

  2. i hope they will crash the prices as being said cos some of them can lie, one will wake up on that day and will be surprise the prices hv not change.

  3. Oga yomi, which is the best place to buy between Konga and Jumia? Is it going to be by pay on delivery or online payment. I want to buy infinix note 3. Hope it will be available. Thank you sir

    • Hello Marvy,
      Flash sales will determine the device you can get at that amount… But there is a device on Konga 2GB Ram, 16GB rom with fair camera Mi Trybe and it currently goes for 21K

  4. Price will drop
    Price will drop
    Though price may drop buy na just shipini money will be removed from the actual price mostly on mobile phones and electronics gadget still na fast finger so shine your eyes before clicking


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