UPDATED: You Haven’t Gotten Free 1.5GB From Etisalat? Come in Here

Updated With Infinix Hot X507 IMEI
I have written this before but I deleted it because of some
reasons. But it seems as if some people are benched on killing Etisalat so I’m
just going to post this once again. Gifted world sent this to me and I just
reconsider that I should bring it up again but I’ll take it down after some
hours. Those of you that has been asking, demanding for Phantom Z IMEI or
others so that you get free 1.5GB will find this useful.

For every new Phantom Z purchased is entitled to 1.5GB from
Etisalat and every Infinix Zero purchased is entitled to 500MB from Etisalat
making 2GB. Follow carefully to see how you can generate imei and flex  the 2GB this weekend.

==>Rooted Android Phone
==>Generate your imei & Change your phone imei
I want to believe you’ve rooted your Android phone and if
you haven’t’ simply comment with your phone model and solution will be provided
on how to root it.
How Can I Generate Infinix Hot IMEI?

==> The first thing we need here is the first 8 digits of
the Phantom Z IMEI which is 35370906 while the latest Infinix Hot 8digit imie is 35749106
.Remains 7 digits. Out of the 7 digits, you can add any 6 digits you
like e.g. 102145.
This makes up 14 digits. E.g 102145 making it looks like this 35370906102145x
==>The last digit is crucial for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. So to get the last digit, download imei analyser from playstore or follow this link here
==> Enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and
click on Check, it will provide you with the last digit.
==> If your using the IMEI analyzer,enter the 14 digit IMEI
in the space provided and click on analyze. Whatever digit that display is your
last digit.
If you get a message that you’ve reached quota, then you can
try the below trial and error method.
==>Go to this site: http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/
==>Input the known 14 digits e.g 35370906102145
==>Add any digit to the already known 14 making 15 digits e.g 353709061021452
and validate IMEI
==>If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is
valid. But if the random digit is incorrect it will display IMEI number is not
And the valid IMEI will be displayed below it. e.g for 353709061021452
it will display IMEI number 353709061021452 is not valid! and just below it, it
will display IMEI number 353709061021456 is valid…
How Can I Add The IMEI to my Adroid Phone?

Once you’ve generated your IMEI, input it into your Android phone by
doing the below
1.Go to Engineer mode in mobile Uncle tool
or download mobile uncle here if you don’t have it.
2- Select Engineer mode[MTK]
3- Go to CDS information
4- Select Radio Information
5- Select the phone 2 (if you want to change sim2′s imei number) Here you can see
command line with “AT+…”.
Now just add this command to it AT +EGMR=1,10,”THE GENERATED IMEI NO”
And press “send at command” button. ( if you want to change the the
phone 1 IMEI AT +EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI NO”).
 Restart the phone and check the IMEI by
pressing *#06#.
How Can I Get 1.5GB

==> Send Data to 8186

How to get Extra 500mb using the new Infinix Zero IMEI
==>The first 8 digits of the New Infinix Zero IMEI is 35585906 while the latest Infinix Hot X507 is 35749106
Use the technique above to generate the remaining 7 digits
==>Send Mid to 8186
If you receive a negative response, try
another IMEI until you receive a positive response.
That’s it guys.

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135 thoughts on “UPDATED: You Haven’t Gotten Free 1.5GB From Etisalat? Come in Here”

  1. prof.my tecno m3 screen got broken,i took it to computer vill to fix it.d screen was nt sharp after then,d guy said i av to flash it,its ok now.i am trying to root it using framaroot 1.6 "success is d answet i got"using root check to verify its saying no root access.prof pls help me out

    • You can root both phones easily with Framaroot.
      Download framaroot here

      ==>Run and install it on your device
      ==>Click on SuperSU
      ==>Click on Boromir and your device will be rooted.
      ==>Reboot your phone and go back to playstore, download rootchecker to verify your root authenticity

  2. Prof please i will like to contribute, if you are getting error message that you have reached quota, make use of sites that can help you hide your ip like hidemyass

  3. Hello Yomiprof, I am a personified reader of your blog and the content seems very impressive. It looks like you gotten yourself into Affiliate program-mes. I want you to help me with the guide on how i can complete my registration on Jumia affiliate billing address. I mean, explain the meaning of VAT ID, and whether as an JUMIA affiliate, what TYPE am i going to use? which is under the first account details, like private, business with VAT or self employ.

    Please, this is very important. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello friend, I don't do Jumia affilate… but I'll suggest you contact the jumia affilate manager on that. He'll give you guide on how to go about it.

      Thank you.

  4. Dear yomi, thumbs up. I get this whenever I do the etisalat imei thing,'Dear customer,this device has already been used to redeem this offer' bla blah and pls I need nokia lumia 1520,samsung S5,S4,S5mini first 8 imei number. Thanks

  5. Phantom Z Imei is not that easy to generate, I Don generate more than 25 Imei but non of them work, make I continue with Etisalat cheat, download unlimited with Pay As Go

  6. mr yomi i don tire oo. ot kips telling me The device imei is invalid even after validating it and confirmed owk on d site… what's d way forward mr Yomi prof

  7. To get 200mb for TECNO P3 use this IMEI – 86101302 send HIGH to 8186.
    AND ALSO U CAN GET 100MB FOR TECNO T635 – 35262606.v
    GALAXY S4 – 35516705
    NOTE 2 – 35362705
    TECNO R7 – 35313306
    Easy flex.

    TECNO T635 – 35262606.
    GALAXY S4 – 35516705
    NOTE 2 – 35362705
    TECNO R7 – 35313306

  8. Prof, don't allowed would site to be tracked, do you know that its illegal to tamper with mobile Imei? please remove this topic,

  9. Prof yomi Thanks for the update.I got 500Magabytes But still finding it difficult to get the 1.5gb..here my number 08134816979 Ezinwa Joshua is my name. pls I would be really grateful if you can add me on the whatsapp group..Thanks Prof.

  10. Prof you no say tampering with IMEI is illegal world wide, is there on way can make this hiding, for the sake of you and your website

    • Use Framaroot to root your F7.
      download it here

      Run and install it on your device, click on Super SU
      Click on Borohimir and your device will be rooted. Reboot and you are good to go.

      To change your imei, use the mobile uncle method.

  11. pls allow me to say this:

    GET LENOVO P780+ N SAMSUNG TAB 10.1 GPS WITH HIGH SPECS .MEMORY CARDS 64GB,32GB,8GB……..TECNO R7 ETC. 08033357580/08173375225/ 7E00704C

  12. Pls i need answer from any one who has been using dis long……………….. Can dis be renew in d same Sim every months or reach the validity day?

  13. my imei analyzer gave me a valid imei but anytime I send data to 8186 a message would come in that phone's imei is invalid. phone model tecno s3. pls add me on whatsapp 07057088691

  14. pls give me a leading if its still working or no cos each tym i generate phantom z imei i keep getting invalid imei….
    tried several imei yet notin

  15. prof sir I followed d procedures u highlighted above but when I sent data to d code, d response was I av used up my current data plan… pls what do I do sir. pls add me to whatsapp(07031982202) thanks

  16. please prof help me. each time i generate imel and send data to 8186 i keep receiving pending request awaiting confirmation but it never get confirmed. please what should i do?

    • Hello Patrick!

      Here is what you should do to rectify that;

      ==>Get another Etisalat sim (not a must though).
      ==>Call Etisalat customer care line 200
      ==>Then if you changed your imei to phantom z, tell them you recently bought a Tecno phantom z and learnt they, (Etisalat) does give out free 1.5gb to everybody whom have successfully purchased the Tecno phantom z. But upon texting the required code for the data, you where facing ….. problem.

      ==>They will ask for your number give it to them. The problem should be rectified withing 24hrs.

      ==>Now go back and tweak your imei. You should now get a response after texting the code.

      Uche Francis

  17. I just succeeded in rooting my infinix zero 16+2g with the latest version of iroot using a windows 8 system…now to change my imei is the problem now, i tried the method above but its bring the error "this command is not allowed in UserBuild"…how can i resolve this?
    my email is [email protected] and my number is 08032071811.
    add me up to chat group!

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    we buy in bulk and sell t cheaper rates
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