While Observing the Holiday, Keep Yourself Busy With This

I know it’s a season of celebration for us while we are
observing the Holidays; while some are busy hanging out, some are mingling with
singles but some set of people are all alone which is not nice at all. Keep
yourself busy with movies and games…

Should in case you don’t know where to get movies or latest
movies for  your device,  then this post is for you.
Those of you who love seasonal movies like data, then you
can go to File9ja.tk to download seasonal movies of your choice ranging from Vampire
dairy from season 1 to 6 here
==>Or kindly visit the best 20 website to download mobile HD movie.
Game Lovers, I know you are looking at me codedly, there are
lots of games paid and free, I’ll just accord you the opportunity to demand for
any game so long I have it at my disposal and it will be sent to you.
Internet Lovers, I believe you know Etisalat PayG is rocking
real hard with mere #15, but I won’t call it magic sim… Airtel is also
anonymously dishing MB to fans so if you are interested and your sim is not
barren, follow the procedures below; (Someone posted it on the comment box and
it actually work but not up to that amount of MB he/she posted)
Airtel 600MB
Dial the straight steps accordingly :
==> *141*13*50#
==>*885*0# or *223#

If you have a lucky sim you will get 200mb, 5mb and 1mb making it 394mb. But if
you have a fairly lucky sim you will get 300mb to 100mb; if you don’t have a
lucky sim you will get 50mb
downward. But d least u can get is 6mb. Afterall, there is no harm in trying.

And to those whose Android, Blackberry or iPhone device
seems to be lord over you by posing some problems, post it below lets provide a
simple solution.
Enjoy your holidays with kindness friends.
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48 thoughts on “While Observing the Holiday, Keep Yourself Busy With This”

  1. Prof pls help…..my m5 camera when I on it,7it will say gallery as stopped so I tried duing cwm and backed my friend rom to it but it will open for a while even d front camera staryed working and if I try putting it in baCk camera it will force close pls help.

  2. Good day prof. I have a bricked Tecno h5 (stops at the boot logo). It was rooted before it got brick but CWM Recovery Image was not flashed on it, and I guess debugging is not enabled in the phone. I've tried all methods to no avail. I even backed up another H5 (not rooted) and tried to restore the backup on the bricked one but it keeps failing. I don't know if I should root the unbricked one before using its backup. Please I need your help.

  3. Sir prof I hail u ooo, my galaxy s3 gti9300 is stock on d start up screen "Samsung galaxy siii" I can only go into download mode by holding down power key+volume down+home key. I av downloaded odin v 3.09 but I don't av d csc, pda, n d rest file to recover my phone. Or prof is there any oda way out

    • There are two version of Glo bolt, one can be unlocked while d other takes firmware upgrade to be unlock.

      Insert an alien sim inside ur globolt modem, wait to see if it displays insert unlock code, if it does then you can unlock it instantly but if it doesn't or display something like "unrecognise sim" then it will take a firmware upgrade or downgrade before u can unlock it.

  4. Pls,Prof check ur last post,I complained abt wht my S720i been rooted but d complaints that mktdroid is bringing up…pls help me out and if there is any other software that is easier to generate imei for the said phone pls help me wt it and a detailed instruction on how to go abt doing it thanks.

    • If adb driver detected ur system, and u re still getting an error message den something is wrong. I'll suggest you try it again on another system… or better still, if you are based in Lag, I'll link you up with Excel and ur imei will be changed for you.

  5. Evening Mr yomi.I have mg on my phone.anytime I try to create Google acct with my glo. it won't open.d response I get all the time is check connection service.I can't use play store as we'll but I am using 1mobile.pls help me I need to use play store

    • Rooting your Galaxy note 3 is so easy but changing ur imei is not so easy. To root your note 3, go to playstore and download framaroot
      Install it and click on borohmir and your device will be rooted. Go back to playstore and download rootchecker to verify if ur device is properly rooted.

      Now, to change ur imei, since ur device is not an mTk device, go to any computer village around where you stay and specifically look for a samsung repairer, tell him/her that ur want to fix ur imei and it will be changed for you with a token though.

  6. Pls prof anytime I on my mobile data,d webrowser and other web application force close,and d fone started misbehaving in which it press itself,but after offinG it it becomes stable and everytin works perfectly on wifi (ave wipe all data)pls help.

    • Since you've wiped all data apps and it still continue, then I'm afraid your nxt option will be to restore it back to factory settings. Make sure you save all ur vital doc and contact on sdcard before doing that.

    • Why not delete some of the paired device on the list perhaps it filled up. And if it still didn't work, take it back to factory setting and it will be okay.

  7. Hello prof my Samsung galaxy grand duos port got spoilt now I can't root it ….. Pls suggest apk that can root without computer already tried framaroot vroot rootmaster none is working.. Pls help I really need root access on this phone

    • Sorry for late replies but the rootgenius i posted only root the first version of infinix zero and not the 2gb version. Just excersize a little patient let me get another rooting tool for your device.

  8. prof when i install the app rootgenius and run it o my grand duos it prompt me to install an app but when i press install the won't install……. tried many times….. pls what can i do

    • Hello Femi,
      So sorry, at them moment, The firmware upgrade is not available online anymore, it's been remove, kindly excercise patient while I get another link for you.

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