Will You Rock This New Airtel Android Data Plan 9GB & 4GB?

I know a good number of people have succeeded in tweaking
their imei and I’m so much glad about this… And if you haven’t still succeeded in
tweaking your imei, well find below a simple easy to use app that will enable
you generate the last digit of your imei. Download it below 

==>Download it here
Back to business. I don’t really know if Airtel Nigeria are
just sampling data usage or are just trying to see the best data plan suitable
for a typical Android user. Not too long ago, they intentionally stopped Airtel Bis 1+1 Offer given you 4GB for 1500. 
And now again, another Android Data Plan has been launched…
in their words, they call it a promo, but in my words, I call it a temptation.
A temptation because it works on PC, and doesn’t zap data on PC. The new
Airtel Android Promo plan offers you 4GB for 2k to last you for 2months, and
9GB for #3,500 to last you 2months.
Who Should Go For This Plan?

==>Everyone who has Strong Airtel Network in their
==>Has not succeeded in tweaking their IMEI to blackberry
==>Every iPad/iPhone users
==>Every PC users.
Mind you, this plan works on all platform even Nokia touch
with enabled gprs…lol!
How Can I Get This Plan?
==>For 4GB  dail
*437*1# …. #2, 000 will be deducted from your account
==>For 9GB Plan, dial *438*1##3,500 will be deducted
from your account
Dial the code before you recharge your line to know if you
are eligible for this offer.
What If I’m Not Eligible For This Offer?

If you are not eligible for this offer, just call CC and I believe
they will tell you what to do. I really think the issue of eligibility should
be erace if they truly want an headway with this plan.
The question now is, are you eligible? … and if you are,
will you rock this offer?
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103 thoughts on “Will You Rock This New Airtel Android Data Plan 9GB & 4GB?”

  1. prof… my ROEHSOFTRAM Expander(SWAP) is writing an error dat my kernel does not av a swap compatible kernel. pls wat do i do?

  2. Prof i remove adsense from my blog today and i want it remain like that for a month for certain reasons please will they banned me for that. Urgent reply needed pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssss

    • Nooooo, google won't ban you at all but you don't have to remove it naaa. Earning with adsense takes a little bit time but just patience. It took me 6months to earn my first 10dollars. I'll suggest you put it back and den forget about it on ur blog while you concentrate on affiliate program like Konga, it pays heavily.

    • @your first question, it means you havn't install it or what?

      Secondly, make sure your imei is upto 15, then space ur At command like this "At +EMGR=1,7,"imei"
      Then send it.

  3. Good morning sir.pls I still can't open the Google account with all that procedure.even WiFi doesn't open it.and I have restore my fone 4-5times is still the same.pls don't be annoyed a help me look for solution pls

  4. this blog is great,see simplicity abeg! Wen d bloger replies evry questn askd,menh! Mr yomi ur d best,jus keep it up…10kx 4 d recent imei tweakn trick..

  5. Yoga Yomi, thanks for your constant updates and enlightenment as I've benefitted from u immensely. May God continue to upgrade u.

    I don't have a computer system to generate IMEI number on my own. Can u kindly generate two for me please? My e-mail is [email protected].

    Thanks in advance.

    • When you insert an alien sim, did it display "enter an unlock code?" if no, then you need to get the latest version of Dcunlocker. it will unlock it for you.

  6. Prof google stop indexing my site automatically only when i remove and put my site map back please i need help. Can u give me guidelines on how to generate reliable sitemap

  7. Prof my infinix-zero sim 1 just started saying SIM NOT DECTACTED I have even don a factory reset and it's till not working pls help

  8. Prof I have been trying to download ziphone from d link u provided but it's not working can u help our or give me a guideline to follow I need it

  9. I use p5 too..goto eng mode.-eng mood mtk.-swipe right(connectivity).choose cds-radio-(phone 1. Cos have noticed phone 2 doesnt change even went d command s sent). Just type E n t will show list. Choose d first one. Type ur imei in btw d quotes. Make sure its 15 o n click send. Den reboot

    • What did you press to get to ur recovery mode? Volume up plus power button should give u in English menu; while volume down + power down should give u in Chinese menu. Try it. If u still have d same challenge, then you'll need to get English recovery.img and flash it via sp flash to ur device.

  10. Pls sir I hv tried to download the watchdogs keygen but its not downloading pls help me after getting to upshare its keeps un openning pages pls send me the file on telegram my no is 07039448250

  11. prof, my glo bis on android isnot bringing 3g. the internet is just to slow. i tweaked my 2nd sim imei with d imei u sent to my mail. wat accesspoint am i to use, cuz am usin backberry.net.. or is their anytin i can do to make my surfing faster?

  12. Pls prof kindly answer this four questions. Is tecno f6 a media tek phone. And can I change the imei without any issues. Give me the link of the exact method to use in changing it. Can I top-up my glo bis to accumulate the data when my bis have not expired?


  13. Pls send me the link and the exact steps involved because I can't see CDS in my P3, I only saw Engineer Mode and when I click on it I later saw Engineer Mode ( Android ) and besides my GLO BIS will expire on the 19 on this month and I haven't used it

    Pls tell me how to get this imei change using my local p3.



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