Airtel Unlimited BIS – You Can Now Get 4GB For #1500

This is what I’ve been praying for in all telecom industry;
let competition be higher so that Android and iPhone users can have opportunity
to choose the best affordable network and data plan. I got a message yesterday
from Airtel Nigeria saying “Pay #1500 only for 2months BB unlimited Plan and
enjoy 4GB valid for 60 days

If you can remember this plan Airtel 4GB was taken down some
months ago before they sent that annoying message to everyone that BIS will no
longer work on Non blackberry device. This is now making a lot of sense to me
because 4GB for 1500 will actually go a long way most especially for
iPad/iPhone, Windows and Android users who can’t risk the Glo BIS on their
They’ve just realized that customers are porting to another
better network in no time that they expect. The question now is will you rather
go for this Blackberry Unlimited Plan for 1500 4GB or stayed glued to Glo BIS
3GB for 1k? Mind you, PDProxy is still rocking well with Airtel #0.0.
How Can I Get This Unlimited 4GB Plan?
==>Recharge #1500 on your Airtel Sim and
==>Dial *440*161#
==>After that, you will receive a message that your
Airtel Unlimited Plan is active.
Who Is Eligible For This Unlimited Plan
Everyone who receive the message is eligible for the
package; or better still, before you recharge dial *440*161# and you’ll receive
a message if you are eligible or not.
Will It Work on My Device?

Currently works on All Nokia, iPhones/iPad, Androids,
Windows and Blackberry phones. After subscription, set your apn to
, password and username: internet.
Glo, Mtn and … is now making a whole lot of sense now.
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63 thoughts on “Airtel Unlimited BIS – You Can Now Get 4GB For #1500”

    • Hello Aliyu, changing imei is very risky and it's illegal. Be aware that if you brick your device, I'll not be responsible for any damage that might happen to ur device.

      However, follow the below steps to change ur imei to that of blackberry.

      Go to play store and install Mobileuncle MTK tool if you don’t have it
      2. Open the mobile uncle tool and scroll to Engineering mode (MTK) and click it.
      3. Click on CDS information
      4. Click the Radio information and you will get phone 1 and phone 2. Depending on the sim imei you wish to change, phone 1 is sim 1 and phone 2 is sim 2
      5. To change sim 1 imei number to blackberry, touch phone 1 and in the popup, touch the AT+
      6. Once you touch the Key board will pop up. In the key board you type any single letter and cancel only the letter you have type. Immediately you can notice the scribes that is required for you It looks like AT+EGMR=1,7""
      7. Click the first row and after 7 you can notice the simple "" delete the last inverted comma and type the Blackberry imei number you generated
      8. Verify the typed blackberry imei numbers, then close the inverted commas "
      9. Click the SEND AT COMMAND
      10. Once the pop up display indicates AT command successfully send.
      11. Reboot your phone and you are done.

      To get a BlackBerry imei, you can follow my previous post on imei changing to generate free one for yourself.

    • You can use it on some but not all. Those Samsung Galaxy that are cloned with mTk. But I'll advice if you are eligible for the Airtel 4gb, go for it.

  1. I also got the message but i don't know if i should sub for it or not cos i'm really scared of fthis imei changing of a thing.

  2. Hi prof, thanks for the tips and infos, you are really doing a great job. I wanna inquire something from you. My subscription on glo is gonna expire in the next 5days, I haven't opted out from auto-renewal though. If I subscribe before it expires, will the given 3GB be appended to the data I am yet to exhaust on my current subscription?? Please prof I anticipate hearing from you in earnest. Gratitude.

    • Hello anonym,
      No need to opt out of auto renewal. Just subscribe immediately and 3GB will be added to your remaining data with d date been extended with 30 days.
      But if you wait for d 5days to expire while you still have data remaining, it will be wiped completely.

    • Hello Uncle Sam,
      You can use the glo BIS on system ony if you tether it from Android or BlackBerry hotspot to your pc. Aside of dat, you can't directly use it on ur modem.

  3. @Yomi…i cnt stil use my S4's 3g…the "E" cms out wen eva i am browsin…nd wen i wnt 2change it to 3g…its changes bk 2 "E" automatically…i need a solution pls

  4. Prof please i need a techno n3 backup file so i can recover my phone… please help out my phone is as good as dead, if i connect it to my pc it only charges noting else happen even with the developers option on. i sent u a mail but no reply please help me get one.

    • I believe it's network problem. If you have a BlackBerry fone or borrow a friend BlackBerry fone, insert ur sim inside and use it to browse for some min, make sure d 3g comes out then return it back to your android.

  5. @Anonymous, No you don't need vpn to use the 4GB plan. Once you made your subscription, just set your apn on Modem to
    set your password and username to internet
    save and set it as your default. that's it.

    • Go to your iPad apn settings, and create a new apn:
      Password and username: internet
      Save it and set it as ur default. Then connect.

    • without any vpn, don't off your data before 6am, just make sure that your data is left ON even after the night timing have expired and it will be continue to browse during the day.

    • It won't directly with iPad. But if you have an android fone with hotspot or BlackBerry fone, you can tether it to your iPad and it'll work.

    • Hello Prof,hope you enjoyed the match?i subscribed wit glo BIS for 1K wit a bb fone and was activated but wen i put d sim to my android LG P705 it didn't browse and i even hotspot it wit my Ipad and didn't work as well.i put the sim bac to d BB and it browse but wen i hotspot the BB with my Ipad again itt didn't brownse as wel.Pls wot can i do cos my intention is to use the BIs with my Ipad.God bless

    • Did you do imei swapping? As in changing ur android imei to that of BlackBerry or you just used it directly on it with d apn

    • Thanks prof for the reply,i didn't change my android imei and i didn't use d apn i did was that i subscribe my sim inside BB and i put it bac to my android.Pls advice

  6. Need help urgently sir..My mtn huawei modem e303 doesnt connect to the internet each time I try it says device disconnected or unavailable tried multiple mtn sims bt no changes help

    • Hello my good friend, did you system have active antivirus? If No, download active antivirus on ur system and use it to scan all d mucus on ur pc.
      If yes, is it up to date? Things like dis happen when a sytem is under virus attack.
      Once you've done dat, put your modem in another virus free system, scan ur modem b4 u connect.

  7. Prof pls how can I upgrade mi Samsung galaxy S GT 19000.The current OS is 2.1. I want to upgrade to 4.3 or 4.4. How can I do that pls….

  8. Please do new airtel sim work for the 2gb stuff and what is the procedure to get it please,,,,hope it works on android?

    • Yes, it does but not all. This is how to know if it will work or not. Dial dis code *440*161# and wait for d eligible or not eligible response.

      It works on all device including android.

  9. Prof pls i've bin unable 2 use mtn night plan in d day wit my pc,is dia any method or vpn to go tru dia firewall.Tanks in anticipation

  10. Off topic,, pls can u help me on ow i can download d require software i can use to tether on usb on a window xp computer…tnx in adv

    • Hello anonym,
      Thier are different ways of tethering on window xp. The question is which device exactly do you want to tether to your window xp?

  11. well done prof, i subscribe for glo bis with 1k i get 3gig . i tether it with my bold 5 hotspot so that i can use with my pc but is not working on my pc. what do i do now? ( comonth to 777)

  12. Sir yomi i did d glo bis using d first method. D bis works well on bb but when i put it in my fone,it didnt work. D "H" did not show at all using as my apn. I am jst sad. My 1k don go. Is dere anytin dat can be done?

  13. Yomi, please help me out on dis one. my samsung sgh-i7474 also known as s3 for at&t is always struck on EDGE . I checked online possible ways to change it by punching *#2263# bt its not working wen i change to other network mode. i also cant turn on my hotspot. its says invalid sim weneva i try t turn it on. i understand dat d phone is branded by samsung for at&t. bt der must b a way to make all these features work on ther networks. thank for always being der. hoping to hear from u. my email address is [email protected]. m also in d IT field currently studying in NIIT. wud love 2 meet u sumday

  14. Prof my Airtel BSM is deducting fast fast. even it can't last 8 days on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon LTE. Please help me

  15. Airtel Whatsapp monthly plan working with bbm and operamini with just #100 only. . .dial *948# to subscribe and dial *885*0# to check

  16. Sir Yomi,
    Hope this airtel 4GB will work on PC without setting anything because I'm using universal modem that is why I'm asking pls I need your help

  17. Hello Yomi Prof,

    if i subscribe for the airtel 4GB on my blackberry bold 6, can i use the hotspot to browse on my Samsung galaxy tab 3 (doesnt use sim)?

    • It all depend. But I'll suggest you first of all do a daily sub to see if ur device hotspot will allow u tetther but it works well on bold 5 and BlackBerry 10

    • Thank you. The issue i face now is thus: I already subscribed on the Bold 6 airtel bis 1GB plan but the network doesn't load images on the Samsung Tab as a result of slow network I guess or maybe bcos its a BIS plan. so what do u advice?


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