#4 Reasons Why You Should Port To Glo BIS

If you are a mobile user, you need to dust your eye glass  and carefully read what I’m about to share
with you. No doubt, almost everyone have in possession more than two network
chip (sim) peradventure any of the network fail to meet our expectations.
In recent times, we have appraised Airtel Bis before they
eventually went into sabbatical leave by

intentionally zapping Data. Mtn along
the line came into seen with their Night Plan which offers 4.5 GB; and I’m
pretty sure Android and iPhone users judiciously utilize this plan.

Well, another better network, with better data service and
cheap internet call is available called Glo.
Do You Know…

==>Glo automatically gives you 200% bonus on any recharge
to call all network across the globe
==>Glo data plan is the cheapest at the moment in terms
of BIS for BB10, BB OS7 and their normal data plan.
==>Glo network is very fast in-terms of surfing the net
==>You can get 9GB for 3k on your Glo line that will last you for 90days.
Why Should I Port To Glo
Glo allow you to roll your unused data by using
a simple trick
Glo BIS currently work on Android Phones/Tab by
just switching over your imei to that of bb, and allowing you to enjoy endless
surfing without even thinking of switching of your data.
3.       Glo BIS currently works on BB10 and it’s even
the best for this device for now.
Glo data plan is cheap compare to how airtel zap
data even with the fact that they’ve revert back to their 2GB.
How Can I Subscribe To Glo BIS On My BB10 and Android
To subscribe for 1k, text Comonth to 777 and 3GB will be
given to you. To subscribe for Absolute Plan, dial *777*23# and it will be
activated for you.
I recharged 3k on my glo line only to be credited with 9k to
call all network. Life indeed is beautiful with Glo.
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14 thoughts on “#4 Reasons Why You Should Port To Glo BIS”

  1. Sir yomi. If i subscribe for d glo bis and den do d absolute plan on my android fone, wuld it start working immediately?

    • It's adviceable you activate d plan on blackberry phone then put it on your android phone. Though it will work well on ur android phone bt make d absolute bis on a BlackBerry fone.

    • Sir yomi. Since it is adviceable to do d glo bis on a bb fone,pls give us a complete step by step rundowm on hw to do it or do we use d last method u mentioned dat involved putting d sim in a bb fone,subscribe,browse small,put it back into d android and so on?


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