What is Your Experience so far With Airtel 6GB for N1,500?

It is unfortunate that not everybody is eligible for this
Airtel 1+1 Privileged offer that gives you 6GB for N1,000. Some people have
been enjoying this offer while some other people have been complaining bitterly
about the plan.

I’m sure it’s not today you are aware that some of Airtel
data plans zaps like straw while some other plans doesn’t zap. But for this
plan 6GB for N1,500, I don’t really want to say it zaps or it doesn’t zap but it
is based on everybody’s experience.
It has been working normal for some people, while for some,
it zaps like hell. The question is, those of you who have been using it, does
your own zaps?
I have been using Airtel Blacbkerry Plan of 4GB on my device
and it doesn’t zaps at all, charges me normal. So those of you still asking if
it works on Android, it still works very well.
Let us know your experience so far with Airtel 6GB for N1,500 using the comment box.
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29 thoughts on “What is Your Experience so far With Airtel 6GB for N1,500?”

  1. The plan didn't work on my Samsung device…. It only worked with whatsapp and nothing else. But if I use my Samsung as hotspot everything on the other devices works and it zaps like hell….

    • hello Ifedzy,
      Dial *431#. The plan is actually 3GB but if you a new airtel sim, you'll be given extra 1GB for 6months.
      Note: You must have changed your android imei to blackberry 10 imei before it will work on your android device.

  2. Airtel bb 1k for 3GB subscription says "services temporarily unavailable." I have been trying to subscribe since morning in my android phone.

    • This plan has been revised, I loaded 1k with*555# as before but instead of the usaual Igb data bonus and call bonus they collected the 1k and gave me 6000 bonus credit to call and browse and my normal account balance was 0.00 naira. The 6k bonus just zapped like hell as I browsed with it. Called customer care and they said it has been revised.


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