Having Problem With Your SmartPhone or Blog? Post It Here Let’s Fix It

It’s another weekend and I know it’s going to be great.
Those who have obtained the latest Infinix Zero or perhaps you are still awaiting
your own delivery, make sure you charge your battery to the fullest  before making use of  it. Charge it for atleast 36hrs because it
will go a long way in determining the battery duration longevity of your
device. Meanwhile, the Gold color of the Infinix zero 2GB Ram 16GB Internal

memory is now available, and it’s much more better and sexier than the other colors; you can still order it here

What engine oil is to every car is what servicing his to
every device. I know some us are seriously having problem with our mobile
phones, maybe due to unaccepted behavior or 
you’ve been trying to root your device and it’s not giving you any
headway, today is a good day to get that problem solved. I’ve done this before
and I’m still doing it again because mobile device problem are just too
endless. Kindly use the comment box and post your mobile device problem, and It
will be attended to.
Or perhaps you have a blog and you seriously need a review on that blog, you want your blog to look professional and you don’t know how
to, kindly  post your blog url using
the comment box, and a review will be done to it.
I’m going to attend to every issue here today so long it’s
not demanding for the head of John the Baptist.
So let the questions, review, or mobile issues begin…
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154 thoughts on “Having Problem With Your SmartPhone or Blog? Post It Here Let’s Fix It”

    • I love this question. Well there are so many benefit of owning your own personal blog aside of the monetary benefit. I'll send an ebook to you but you can also check this link here

      To start a blog of your own, find a link that explains with pictures how you can go about it here

  1. Prof pls, my phone is showing some fake colours dat re not supossed 2 b dere
    Den I wana start my blog! How cn I do it
    How can I change d imei of tecno p9

    • hello friend,
      You need to recalibrate your color… Download Kcontrol – Full Kernel control paid app here to recalibrate your color.

      ==>To start your own blog, follow this simple graphic tutorial here

  2. hello mr yomi! i av a blog but due to d lecture tins in my sch(FUTA), i decided 2 stop blogging 4 nw but as soon i am dne with my exam,i am starting blogging,but my questions are;
    1. wat kind of apps are best for publishing ones blogger posts on Android device(though i av a laptop)

    2. normally i first started blogging lastyear,i was blogging abt news,lifestyles,entertainment but seriously it all involved copy nd paste then,Now i wat to redefine my blog to Sth related tech,or anything related 2 urs but hw can i be seeing wat 2 post that will not resemble copy-paste?

    i will nid ur whatsapp number for private talk concerning the growing and development of my blogger ( http://www.landpoint.blogspot.com

    • Nice one there Mr Sunday,

      ==>There is a blogger app for blogging on play store or download it here it work on every android phone and alow you to blog with ease.

      ==>One of the important benefit of blogging is for the fact that it increase your writing skill which inturns introduce to your creativity. If you want to move into tech or something related, you just have to be original… write your post yourself… let your readers know your style of blogging and they'll stick to you. Even though nobody have monopoly of knowledge but you can always re-write every post in your own way.

      ==>Bogging is sweet when you know what to blog about

    • Hello beloved,

      To root your S4, kindly follow this link below
      It requires you to have a computer. But if you don't have a computer, you can use root genius to root directly from your mobile.

    • Hello Niyonice,
      I love your blog, its great..
      ==>I noticed you have two search bar at your sidebar, why not remove one
      ==>Add random post widget to your sidebar

      ==>How do you mean you've applied for like 3-4months and no response from adsense? Did they send you any message at all? Why not move your domain name to dot com and reapply again

    • Thanks bro, will consider getting a dot com soon.
      They wrote "your adsense account awaiting approval" for over 3/4 months now
      The worst part is that, I can't reapply with both my Google account or the admin I created to try it again

  3. Morning Prof. I use a Gionee P2. My "Display" in settings is not responding. Once I select display it says :'unfortunately settings has stopped'.
    I thought it were some tweaks I did with Mobileuncle and Pimp my Rom that is causing the problem, so I undid the tweaks, reset the apps to default and cleared their data but the problem still persists. Factory reset corrects the issue but I don't want to reset my phone.
    Please sir any other way out? Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, you just have to factory reset it. But before you do that you can move ur app to memory card with aps2sd or force2sd which can be downloaded on playstore.

    • First thing you need to check if your samsung is a clone mTk device by downloading cpu-z to check if you'll somethn like mt or you something like spectrum. If u see something like mt then there is fast hope…
      Download d app from playstore.

  4. hello Prof. mine is about web designing. I'd love to learn How to develop and maintain a website, but I don't know where to begin or who to teach me. I have hp laptop at my disposal with 2GB ram and 2GB processor. I don't know if the systems configuration is enough. please help me.

  5. i want to go into blogging as a business,how can i make my blog look proffesional, what are the possible ways of making money on my blog, how much can i earn in a month. i want to concentrate on technology. i would appreciate any good ebook that would explain this issues, my email is [email protected]. thanks alot

    • Blogging as a business is good and making your blog look professional has to do with your design, look and feel (KISS)

      Making money online depend on the information you are ready to offer to the public. The question you should ask yourself is what do people need? Look for a need and feel the need… Money always hovers around meeting needs. Thesame is applicable to blogging.

      If you go into blogging because of the money, you might be frustrated because blogging success is relative and not automatic.

      You can make money from Blogging via (1)Google Adsense (2)Affiliate Marketing (3)Information marketing etc… The question is why do you want to blog? For the money or to meet peoples need?

  6. Hi prof. i'll like to know if there's any other means to update my BlackBerry q5 os to the latest. Cos it's telling me to use Wifi n I can't access Wifi. And I use glo bis on it. Tnx

    • Nice blog..

      But you need to change your background from black to white or any other catching color so that your Blog title can be vissible
      ==>Add blog description to your site under site title
      ==>Make more post
      ==>Add social widget to your blog

      Correct this lets see how it will look like

    • Nice one but you need octupus box or chimera tool to change your imei. Unfortunately, you can download it.
      But I'll suggest, go to anywhere they repair samsung phone, tell them you want to swap your imei and they will do it for you for 1k.

      On the other hand, Chimera tool is an online tool but their charge is expensive. You can check it out here

    • Hello Uche
      Nice blog you have there. Your write up make good sense.. keep it up
      Howver, correct the following:

      ==>Change your background color from black to white because it determine how long people stay on your site.
      ==>Always apply the "read more" tag to all your post so that the full post won't display on the home page making it unneccesarily long

      ==>Add Popular post widget to your sidebar
      ==>Add recent post widget to your left side bar
      ==>Create a Facebook Fan page for your blog and add a like box to your blog
      ==>Add share this widget to your blog so that your readers can easily share your post on social media
      ==>Try as much as possible to atleast update your blog twice a week.

      Nice work you've done on your blog… Keep it Up!

    • Hello Jamiu,
      Your blog is okay but add a floating share widget to your blog so that your blog readers can easily share your blog post on differnet social media to their friends.

      Have you applied for adsense before? What reply did you get from them? The only ads displaying on ur blog is Adsdynamo and Clicksor

      ==>To get traffic to your blog, you need to constantly post your blog post on Facebook so that your friends can always click your link
      ==>You need to be very active with the Nairaland "The largest African Forum". And always make good contribution to an existing discussion. When ppl find your contribution interesting, they will follow your link down to your blog.

      But remember, the best and sure place of getting traffic is via search engine… Just make all your post search engine freindly.

    • Hello Friend,
      The only Bis plan you can use to browse on a symbian phone at this moment is Airtel Bis… 2GB for #1,500. You can't use Glo, Etisalat or Mtn bis on a symbian phone.

      To use Airtel Bis plan on symbian phone, set your apn to internet.ng.airtel.com
      password and username: internet
      Save it as your default and hit the connect button.

    • I just visited your blog now and it need some little adjustmetn.

      ==> Add a blog description to your blog after the title like "..your home of entertainmet"
      ==>Can you kindly remove that title backgrund image before the menu? Let it just be plan like that bro
      ==>Add Facebook like button to your blog
      ==>Share this widget to your side bar
      ==>Add privacy policy page to your blog
      ==>You are using wordpress platform, you need to make use your categories for classifying all your post like having Entainment category, Music category, News category, Football category etc…

    • You have two options here… It's either you move your current name to a custom domain e.g eminentpal.com and keep posting tech post on it until after sometime before you delete your old post or you create a new blog for it entirely.

      Before you jump into tech blogging, do you love tech news, review etc… if you don't love it, you'll surely get tired of it some day too. Better still, blog in the area of what you are passionate about. If you have passion for football, blog in the area of football. etc.

    • :Hello JerryKay,
      I love your blog… The look and feel its so beautiful.
      However just correct the following

      ==>Add more content to your about us. You can make it look more professional.
      ==>Add facebook like box to your site.
      ==>It's time you monetize your blog by applying for adsense.

    • Thank u prof for Reviewing it for me ..
      But pls I ave these difficulties
      -on facebook it didn't allow me link my page to my blog saying cus its domain is .blogspot
      2nd ve bin trying to monetize it but its always refering me to blogger . And on my blogger its saying ur blog is not yet qualified for adsense ..my question is
      1. How can I go about the linking with my blog n facebook page?
      2. Is there a different way of applying for adsense ?
      3. Must I wait for adsense bfor applying for addynamo ?
      Thank u prof u re awesome .. I appreciate
      My email [email protected] will love to have d ebook also to learn more .

  7. Hi yomi, I flashed a cwm for my Tecno p5 last week but any time I try to enter recovery mode, my phone starts rebooting, now I can no longer boot into recovery mode. I didn't back up my stock rom. I've tried downloading the stock rom from holster but I haven't gotten permission yet, pls help me out

    • It will have been more easier if you can get someone with p5 so that you can back it up and flash it to your own. That's d only way up cos I don't have P5 custom

      Alternatively, you should send a request for download to the admin of dat site holster… so that they can respond to ur request of download on time.

  8. hellow yomi my techno f7 says it memory is low as a result no able to download new apps but i have 1gb free internal and 6gb on the external m card where is the problem from? because i have deleted all my apps but memory still low please help me

    • Hello,
      You need to clear your apps data cache by going to settings>>apps>>click on all ur apps one after the other and clear it data. Any apps you are not using, click on force close and your fone will be okay.

  9. Prof sir.. its ur Boi Prince still waiting to hear from u, i still cant root and change d HTC desire 600 fone i dnt know how to go abt dat

  10. Tuwalee 4 u prof, u doin a gr8 job right here i do appreciate ur effort…..prof i hv a couple of questions 4 u, wats d dif. B/w website nd blog. Wat are d advantage nd disadvantages of both nd i need Ebook dat cn thoroughly teach hw 2 creat it here is my mail ([email protected]) hop i wil get it?….hw much cn i get a laptop wit 4Gb ram, 500hard disk, 2gb processor, frnt nd bck webcam tnx.

    • Hello my loyal friend,
      A blog is just a type of site that allow interactivity btw content creator and its readers. A blog is a website that falls under a dynamic website. I'll send you an ebook on that too.

      You can get a laptop of that specification btw 65 – 70K.. HP or Dell

  11. I don't really know much about blogging but I know little please oga yomiprof I want you to tell me the boxes to tick and the ones not to tick in my "Enable custom robots header" tags? On my blog and also do a review 4 me.

  12. pls help prof… i own a tecno f7…. first i would like to root it. second their is this error code the fone bringgs at times when i switch it on ( it wont boot away frm d error or option screen written in chinese language). thirdly whenever i try to install some apps it tells me app not installed.. i have been tryin to install a particular app but it refused to install. my email [email protected]….. i would love if u could help

    • The first thing i'll advice you to do isto back up your F7 using cwm. It's very important you dothat.

      To root your f7, go to playstore, download Framaroot.apk and run it on ur device
      Click on borohmir and ur device will be root

      Finally, go to settings>>Apps> and clear your aps data cacher ofallthe apps youhave installed, retr yuonead everything will beno

  13. After changing my Imei and browsing for some minutes my phone stopped detecting my sim but if I insert any other sim apart from the glo sim I subscribed on, it works. Please how can I solve this problem. I use a techno f8 device

    • I'll suggest you try another Glo sim on that same sim slot. And also try your glo line on another device to see difference.

      Alternatively, did your phone display no network or sim not detected? if that is the case, you might need to change your imei to another one again…

  14. Thank u prof for Reviewing it for me ..
    But pls I ave these difficulties
    -on facebook it didn't allow me link my page to my blog saying cus its domain is .blogspot
    2nd ve bin trying to monetize it but its always refering me to blogger . And on my blogger its saying ur blog is not yet qualified for adsense ..my question is
    1. How can I go about the linking with my blog n facebook page?
    2. Is there a different way of applying for adsense ?
    3. Must I wait for adsense bfor applying for addynamo ?
    Thank u prof u re awesome .. I appreciate
    My email [email protected] will love to have d ebook also to learn more .

    • Hello Jerry Kay,

      You mean Facebook didn't allow you to link Like box to your site because it's blogspot.com? That is serious. Well, I think it's high time you have a domain name dot com for your blog if actually you want to take it to the next level.
      with #200, you get an affordable domain name from godaddy while you redirect your current subbdomain name to it.

      ==>How old is your blog?
      ==>Yes there is a different way of applying for adsense but to be on a safer side, you need to move it to dot com (I mean your domain).
      ==>You can apply for addynamo anytime and they'll accept you but their earning is a kind of frustrating..

      I'll send the e-book to all of you.

    • Hello Friend,
      sorry for replying you so late due to somethings beyond my schedule. Since your Samsung is not an MTK device, you can only change your imei via octupus box or chimera tool. Chimera tool is expensive and I won't encourage you to use it. You can check it up on google.
      While if you stay around lagos, or anywhere within the country, go to computer village where they repair phones and tell them you want to re-adjust your imei and they will do it for you for just #1,000.

      It's not a software if not, I'll have post a download link online.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  15. Prof thanks for posting this once again, it's seems you went straight into my mind to search my areas of difficulties

    please Prof I also need that ebook for blog benefits stuffs

    when is Google going to approve my blog for AdSense am just tired of waiting, it's over a month now or please what can I do

    the linkwithin you told me about worked in my brothers blog but in mine it doesn't display anything at all

    konga and his sister jumia are mad, the refuse to accept my affiliate application form

    please Prof above all I really need my blog to be approve by Google, or other alternative to AdSense except chitika

    i don't know how add taps to my blog after the description of my blog

    above all Prof I really need other alternative to AdSense

    here is my email [email protected]

    I know you've miss my wahala Prof

    • ==>Google is going to approve your blog if it's upto 6months old except you move it to dot com domain.
      ==>How do you mean the linkwithin didn't work in your blog? How many niche are you? How many post do you have on your blog?
      ==>Konga and Jumia are not mad… I beleive the same reason linkwithin didn't work in your blog is the reason why Konga didn't approve you. I guess your blog need a serious review. Define the niche where you belong.
      ==>There are alternative to adsense which includes adsdynamo, promoads, etc.
      ==>to add tabs to your blog, go through this link How to add pages/tabs to blogspot

  16. Please oh Prof I forgot to ask, please how do I apply for Google AdSense from blogger ,because I can't from Google.com/AdSense the they just keep referring to apply from my blog through the drop down menu
    and I should click on earnings tab
    but for the past few months now they the only thing am seeing is

    • Hello Oluwasegun Abe,

      You can't determine the % of CPC adsense release to your blog but you can choose to block some adsense ads that her not paying well… some bidders don't pay much for ads; if ads of a bidder is been display on your blog that doesn't pay much, the cpc will definitely be low.

      ==>Check for high paying keyword from google and narrow your post to those keywords.
      ==>to make more money from any of your blog, I'll suggest you sign up for Affiliate marketing with Konga, or Jumia or Kaymu. They work like charm. don't underrate affiliate programme.
      ==>Since your blog is majorly on business ideas, fishing and etc… Your niche will sell if you can dangle into information marketing. I mean prepare a rich e-book on Poultry farming and I bet if you sell it for #1,000 or so, you'll make more money.

      I'm open to any more questions bro.


    • Hello Aminu, sorry for replying you late
      To root your innjoo deive,

      ==>Go to google play store
      ==>Download Framaroot.apk
      ==>Run and install it on your device
      ==>click on borohmir and your device will be rooted in sec
      ==>to confirm that your device has been rooted, go back to playstore and download root checker.

      That's all.

  17. I want to change imei for LG E453. I also want to know if there is anything i can do about my P5 that started rebooting after i mistakenly put a new boot image on it without removing the old one; d fone has bin down for 3+ months now. i will sincerely appreciate any help. Thanks sir

  18. Pls prof,ma phone(gionee p2) z not supporting MTN and airtel lines anymore while other networks are working perfectly on it,i also try to do factory restore BT yet, itz d same tin……plz help me out prof

  19. please I need help. two weeks after buying infinix zero phone I discovered that the speaker does not function at all except I use earphones. cant even listen to music via speaker. and the phone has never fallen to the ground cause I handle it with utmost care. what do I do?

  20. Hi Prof, I can't pick number from my tecno F6 with a single click from whatsapp like other tecno fones I used before. Like if someone sent recharge card and I need to load without writing it out from the whatsapp message.


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