PalmChat – The Best Chatting Tool

I stumbled on a blog where a reader was lamenting bitterly
about her singlehood and she’s kind of fed up with her life without a dude… You know life can
be so boring without friends, life can be so burdensome without having someone
to talk with… Thank God for social media that always keeps most of us busy but on
the other hand, if you have the option not to use smartphone again for life,
will you do away with it?
Well, PalmChat is a social platform that allows you to meet
new people online every day. Surprisingly, most young individuals are porting
from Whatsapp to Palm chat despite its popularity. With PalmChat on your device,
you are good to go.

Unique Features of PalmChat Not Available on Whatsapp
==>Shake Shake: The shake is an amazing feature that
allow you to meet new people each time you shake your device… Whether you like
it or not, you must meet people to chat with
==>Look Around: With this feature, you can find friends
nearby you; chat with friends nearby you; dating with friends nearby you.
==>Voice Chat: You can voice chat without any charges
instead of type chat
==>Miss Nigeria: You also have the opportunity to contest
for Miss Nigeria on Palm chat
==>You can send Photos, search for people you may know
 The features are just
too unique… You can’t be bored with PalmChat in front of you.
Supported SmartPhones

For Android, download it from playstore;
for Blackberry, download it form App world:
For Windows phone, download it from phone store
Nokia user should download it from ovi store
iPhone users should download it from iTunes.
With PalmChat at your disposal, no more doll, boring or
lonely moment.
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    • You can use Airtel BIS or Glo BIS. To use airtel bis change ur apn to
      Passwrd and username: internet
      To use glo, visit the imei tweaking thread.

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