Why You Should Go For Glo BB Absolute & Neglect Glo Comonth On Your Android/Blackberry

Without much doubt, Glo network rocks real good in almost
all location coupled with their unique
Blackberry plan working on Android
device. No more fear of data zapping, or cheapest data plan for Android even
though the much adored Airtel 4gb plan for 1,500 has been stopped.

I’m going to share a secret with you all today and I’m
pretty sure those using Glo on Blackberry will appreciate it and some Android users using Glo network. Glo BB Plan comes in two fold (the one I make use of )
Comonth and Absolute for 1k and 1,500 respectively. 
Differences Between Glo Comonth And Blackberry Absolute

==>Glo Comonth  allow you to have 1 web based registered email
address attached to your device, while BBA allow you to have 10 registered web
based email to your device.
==>BBA Plan comes with  Blackberry Protect  to back up all your contact, BBM messages etc
on your device; while Comonth doesn’t have these features.
==>Data charge on Glo Comonth is slightly higher than BBA
but thesame 3gb data cap is allocated to both.
So if you have more than or want to configure more than one
email address on your Blackberry or Android device, need Blackberry Protect,
then this post is for you.
I’m sure you are aware you can top it up but I’ll show you
how you can use Glo 1k and still have access to #1,500 (BBA) features.
How Can I Use Glo Comonth( 1K) & Enjoy BBA (#1,500) Features?

==>Recharge your line with 1,500 and activate Blackberry Absolute plan by dialing *777*23#
==>3Gb will be given to you which you can use on your
Android or blackberry to expire in 30days…
==>Activate the number of web based email address you
want to add to your device, blackberry protect etc  use it and exhaust the 3GB before the
expiration of 30days (make sure you finish the whole MB before 30days expire)
==>Then activate Glo comonth plan the moment you exhaust
your 3GB by dialing *777*21#
==>#1,000 will be deducted from your account and Comonth
plan will be activated for you. While other features of your former Blackberry
Absolute features remain active.
Note: This plan both works on all Blackberry 10 devices
You can then top up your data  to extend your data expiration duration while
you keep on flexing the #1,500 plan for #1k. I’ve been using these features for
a very long time and I felt I should share it out.
So why pay #1,500 for Blackberry Absolute when you can enjoy
its features for just #1,000… The ball is in your court.
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52 thoughts on “Why You Should Go For Glo BB Absolute & Neglect Glo Comonth On Your Android/Blackberry”

  1. excuse me prof… are u saying dat glo bis is now working on android without changing d ime.. nd am using samsung galaxy s2 (not clone) can d ime be changed

    • No no I am not saying that ooo, you have to tweak ur imei before it will work. Sorry for late replys.

      Your imei can be changed with octupus box. Go to any computer village or repairer and tell them u want to fix ur imei, they'll do dat for u.

  2. PLS PROF,My BB is behaving awkwardly since 1month now.It hangs unnecessarily and refuses to come up whenever it does so till the entire battery drains out and dies.Although i got it flashed 2 months ago and discovered that the technician that flashed it put a newer version of OS on it (initially it was running its original OS for bold 3 but when the technician flashed it,it was the features of the OS for bold 5 that i saw on it but i didnt complain cos it was working fine as at then not until lately that it developed this problem) Pls,help me out.Thanks and God bless u abundantly.

    • Bro well done ooo, first of all, your phone hangs because their is no enough memory to carry all d apps install,

      The first thing i'll ask you to do is to uninstall any app that you don't make use of to atleast free some space

      Secondly, always set your network signal to Edge and not 3G. 3G consumes and drain battery because it connect to network faster therefore making it hang.

    • I tot I've answered you in theprevious post you pasted this same question?

      Can only change your imei via octupus box
      Visit any computer village closer to uand locate a samsung specialist, tell him you want to fix urimei and they will change it for u inmin.

    • If you are using an android phone, go to setting, network, tap on tether and hotspot to set up your hotspot. Choose ur desired username and password, save.
      Go to your Laptop, network and turn on ur wireless, it will automatically detect ur mobile hotspot, click connect and it will require u to enter the password. Enter the password u choose on setting up ur hotspot, it will connect.

  3. story that tinkles d bum bum you mean i should give up additional 5h for nothing. i f i didnt no you i would say you promoting glo bba plan

  4. Hello yomi, is this also applicable to airtel I got 3gig on my sim will expire on 30th oct but wanna back it up wit 1k bis to nov. N still have all my email activated n not just one.

  5. I was gonna ask…how do I extend my expiring date on comonth….cos I am on comonth and I have 2mails running like absolute..but how do I extend the expiring date

    • top it up by loading additional N1, 000 on your device and then subscribe for commonth before you current one expire and your date will be extend with 3Gb added to your exisiting data

    • To activate glo 3GB for 1k, send Comonth to 777 or dial *777*21# and it will be activated for you. Before you activate it, if you are using an android phone, make sure you have already successfully tweaked your imei so that your money won't be a waste.

  6. Hello uncle Yomi, thanks for your posts, it always being helpful. I'm not able to use my glo absolute plan as hotspot on my laptop, it connected alright but dint browse, do you have any idea what the problem might be, I need enlightenment pls. Thanks in advance sir.

  7. Hello uncle Yomi, thanks for your post always being helpful. I'm not able to usemy
    glo absolute plan still works for android this month of November or has it been blocked… Uncle Yomi pleas help!

    Please sir… I need to go online again… Please Prof.

    Sir, please as well, I need a blackerry IMEI number so I can change my sturbborn at&t HTC One X…

    • Hello Adanu Dave,
      I think it should be some apps running at the background of your device. Go to settings>>>Apps and force stop applications you don't want it to run. reboot your device and chek if it still zapss.

  8. Good day prof. It's your boy wilshere. Please what network is best for blackberry bold 5 to mobile hotspot to my Samsung galaxy tab 2 and laptop. I subscribed for glo comonth 3gig but can't hotspot with it as it does not turn on. It turns on when I put etisalat sim but it does not browse. Please help! God bless

  9. Enter your comment…prof,am very impressed with the way you have been helpful to people. I m on an android monthly 1k plan which is just 2 week old and my bitrate is almost gone and I need to top it up with a new subscription. I want to know how possible it is on glo.Thanks

  10. Please I don't understand you when you say glo comonth allows you to have 1 web based registered email while BBA allows for 10 because I use BB z10 and subscribed for comonth and have my Gmail,yahoo,Outlook,all attached to my device. I get my mails from all delivered to my device and they appear in the BB hub. Is this what you're trying to say. Please explain to me


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