Etisalat Social Plan, Is It Really Unlimited?

Just some couples of months ago,
Airtel introduced WTF Plan that enables you to have Unlimited Whatsapp, Twitter,
Facebook and BBM on your device. I’m sure some peeps are already enjoying this
plan as its’ not everybody who surf the net all time but almost all love to be

Etisalat in order not to be left
in the dark launched their own Unlimited Social Media Plan and I want to
believe it’s been around for some time just that I didn’t take note of it.
Etisalat Social Media Plan is suitable for social lovers, who only visit
Facebook, Twitter, BBM or Whatsapp. It is a very good plan though but something
seems not to be clear to me if it’s actually unlimited or not for the fact that
Etisalat #15 for 5min is unlimited downloading all the way.
To Opt in:
SMS to 343
60 mins, consecutive
24 hours, consecutive
To check your status, dial *343#
To Opt Out dial *343*0#
The question is this plan
unlimited? Considering the fact that Airtel WTF for one week is #100, while one month is #200; but etisalat, reverse is the case. If it is unlimited, then I believe it can be tweaked to work with a
desired VPN or opera-mini.
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15 thoughts on “Etisalat Social Plan, Is It Really Unlimited?”

  1. Please ,I really need to know how I can change imei of huwei modem and all other modems so that glo bis can work on them just like on androids…

  2. I wont even advise my enemy to subscribe to Etisalat social plan. Cos #200 is for only one day. while Airtel WTF #200(which am currently using) is for a month @ 80mb.
    Do d maths urself.

  3. Etisalat is not serious, Prof pls dont advertise this product for them, even though airtel's wtf is temperamental on FB and does not connect to Twitter,(my experience) Whatsapp and BBM is going and its far cheaper; 30mb for 7days @N100 and 80mb for 30days @N200.
    And that's how other etisalat internet plans are very costly, I analysed the 4 network's lite internet bundles and found out etisalat is the worst in terms of cost.


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