Will You Rock This iPhone 6? Now Available

And finally The iPhone 6 and 6Plus is now available and some
iPhone lovers are already rocking this. The design is sleek and unique; the
iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger, it’s better in every way.  Larger,  yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but
remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets
the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software
function in perfect

unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s
better by any measure. I bet if you touch this device, you are going
to hate your iPhone 5. This device is now available on Konga.com for grab.

You can Check The Spec Below
Product Information
Brand; Apple
Product Type; Smart Phone
Model iPhone 6
General Features
Sim Type; Nano SIM
Network; 4G


Depth 6.9 mm
Width; 138.1 mm
Height; 67 mm
Screen size; 4.7 inches
Primary Camera; 8 MP
Secondary Camera; 1.2 MP
Video Recording; Yes
Camera Flash; Yes

Internal; 16 GB
USB; Yes

NFC; Yes
Edge; Yes
3G/4G; 4G
WiFi (Internet); Yes

Price: ₦210,000
To order for your own from Konga, Click here
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29 thoughts on “Will You Rock This iPhone 6? Now Available”

  1. I swear, the quality I look up to in a device is not adequate. Camera 8mega pixel too low for a fone of 210k.

    Well not discouraging lover of the device but for me I will prefer any android that has higher mega pixel ….

    Weldone Yomi.

  2. PLs prof, i tried to change my tecno l3 imei to bb but at d final stage wen i sent but it replied me as at failed
    .. pls wot should i do or is imei u generated for me is d problem… pls i need anoda one… [email protected] dats my email. Thanks

  3. Oga Yomi, pls am still unable to unlock my iphone that is on icloud, i have check the the link you comment days-ago about the 22 step, but doesn't work for me, pls my Oga tell what to do about it here is my mail= [email protected] .Thanks

  4. PlS prof, my techno m5 when I on my mobile data d browser e.g opera,chrome and even d normal browser shut dem self up but if connected to wif it will work normally…pls help me on how to fix this?.

  5. Am advising you not to waste your money buying such phone. Today on Facebook I saw people complaining already, they said that their new iphone 6 got bent.

    This iPhone 6 is not even up to Samsung note 2 talk less of note 3 and 4 and other powerful android phones. iPhone is for Apple lovers period.

  6. Am not an iPhone fans because I can't buy a phone where I can't remove my battery and would be able to extension memory,but iPhone is exemptional


    An iPhone with 8mp will rival a snapdragon android with 13mp and mtk android of 16mp

    IPhone 6 Is powers with 1.4 GHz dual core cortex A8 supported with 1gb of ram and s5 is powers with 2.5ghz quad core snapdragon 501 supported by 2gb of ram (look like a beast) and look like a wide difference but both will do the same thing..

    IPhone use to take the last penny of a software and there product is super original than android maker.

    IPhone 4 was made in 2007. There is no android phone that was made in 2010 that carival it now r

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