MTN Finally Launches 5G Network. Roll Out 5G Router

Nigeria’s leading telecommunications provider MTN has this morning switched on its highly anticipated Fifth-Generation (5G) service at one hundred and ninety sites across the country but mainly in Lagos and Abuja, with some users reporting internet speeds of up to 1.4g per second, according to sources.

A source close to MTN Nigeria disclosed that MTN kept to its promise by commencing the rollout of its 5G network with plans to cover five cities within one month of the rollout. The cities include Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Kano.

MTN 5G Rollout

Owing to the development, MTN has called on telecom subscribers to begin pre-order their 5G devices to enable them to enjoy the high-speed internet download with low latency that is associated with 5G, since not all devices can access the 5G network.

“The wonder of 5G is coming! Be among the first Nigerians to experience this incredible technology. Visit to pre-order our 5G router now”, this was the message on MTN social media channels on Tuesday, August 23 2022, signaling that the mobile network operator has opened its portal for Nigerians to pre-order for 5G routers.

5G Network is 10 times faster than 4G network, you get superior streaming and your download is just in seconds.

MTN 5G Router Pre-Order Offer

  • Access to super-fast browsing. MTN Broadband 5G Router offers faster speed and performance than 3G & 4G.
  • Connecting multiple devices (up to 32) to the Router.
  • Superior streaming, gaming, data download, and uploads. Online games and videos are faster, smoother, and more realistic.
  • Wide Wi-Fi connection range.
  • 100GB data bonus on activation.

Mafab Communications and MTN Nigeria last December won the license for the rollout of 5G service and going by the conditions of the license, the two operators were expected to roll out the service effective from today August 24, 2022.

However, while MTN is forging ahead with its plans today, Mafab has 5 more months to prepare.

In the coming weeks, expect to see 5G data plans with lots of bonus offers coming your way.

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  1. But these network provider are just too stingy with data,,, no better unlimited plan… even with 5G without unlimited plan there’s no way one can enjoy it better with all these 20k for 120gb plan.. wicked people


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