How To Use Up Your Mtn Bonus Credit

I was so curious some couples of days back to know why on
earth I will use my God damn money to recharge on my MTN sim and mtn will give me
bonus airtime, yet unable to use it. It got me so worried to point where I had to
intentionally pull out my blackberry subscription sim out of my device and I
ported to Etisalat to see if actually the Etisalat Double your recharge promo
also does like that.
To my surprise, I recharge on etisalat with #1000, and I got
extra #1,000 calling any network without sweating or wondering of any kind.

I had to angrily pick up my MTN line and dial 180; some
couples of minutes later, a gentle man picked up the line and I explained the
issue to him. He proffered the following solution which am going to share with
us below.
How Can I Use My  Mtn
Bonus  Credit?
Know your mtn package
If you are on True talk or Smooth Talk, kindly
use the following *380*1*Phone Number# to register best friend forever (Mind
you, one best friend for Smooth Talk Package and Two best friend for True Talk
If you are on iPulse package, kindly use this
code to register to register one best friend forever *390*1*Phone Number#.
How Can I Delete Best Friend Forever On My Sim
Perhaps you don’t want to have one best friend forever, you
can always delete the phone number on your best friend forever list.
If you are on iPulse, dial *390*2# and if you are on Smooth
Talk or True Talk, dial *390*2# to delete your best friend forever.
With this, you can always use up your bonus credit instead
of leaving it to rot away on your phone.
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19 thoughts on “How To Use Up Your Mtn Bonus Credit”

  1. Nice share.
    Any idea why Etisalat + PDproxy will be running slow, while normal subscription will be running fast. Mine barely goes above 10kbps. Really slow. Wanted to post on the Eti 0.0k topic but its locked. Info help on possible way I can configure it for optimization.

  2. Wow first to coment ……

    Tnx yomi ……for ur generosity and pls I have been wondering, will d etisalat cheat be fastèr after subscription cos with 0# its slow …..God bless u

  3. @Anonymous and Bona, you know when your are rocking something for free, their will always be the disadvantage aspect of it. But let me ask, are you guys making use of the free pd proxy server?

  4. hello yomi .i greatly salute your effort .pls my mtn,bb plan is disconnecting every minute . and im using it with tunnel guru ,and it gets frustrating pls what is the solution,thanks you

  5. I'm using d tweak with my android with droid vpn ….t is slow but I subscribed for eti daily bis mehn d speed improved tnx boss

  6. @Anon, something should be wrong somewhere cos it's still working with thesame settings i sent.

    @Sito Arepade Harry, it's is because it's free browsing with 0 kobo. But am working out another plan on YourFreedom. I'll updated the house when am done

    @Bona, you now see the difference in speed abi…

    @I can't really say if it is magic sim or not but Mtn are just not predictible this days again. A collegue of mine has been using his own sim for the past 2month browsing, streamline youtube etc on his android phone. All i can tell you now is if you've got the free 3GB sim you activated some couples of weeks ago, try it cos it's browsing and blazing though some how slow during the day time. But concerning the 2Hr way of activating magic sim, i hav'nt try it with that.

  7. Yomi prof, with Bona's testimony, do u suggest that using Eti BIS subscription with PDP will make it faster?
    What's their daily BIS subsciption code so I can give it a try.


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