Why Are You Not Using UC Browser Free Wifi?

So I decided to visit my beloveth UC browser for PC today after about how many weeks and it was damn fast… but what actually interest me was the inbuilt UC free Wi-Fi. It works like charm.

I connected my primitive mtn old modem to system, turn on the free uc wifi and amazingly, I was able to connect 3 devices to it, updated my pad to iOS 9.1 without ultering the speed of other devices; make some few download and all that.

UC browser is not like Connectify nor  My wifi router but you can see how much bandwidth other connected devices are using. You can customize your name and password with ease.
So if you have a PC and you havent’ try out the UC browser free wifi, then you are missing alot.
Why haven’t you try it the UC free wifi?

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28 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using UC Browser Free Wifi?”

    • I prefer lenovo to HP all does u listed prof have only 32mb graphics card, HP are producing crabs did days….levono comes with many features like,Dolby digital sound, one key recovery, USB 3.0 ports, 8cell battery, spill proof keyboard,512mb graphics memory e.t.c all for 75k

    • Sorry for posting in the wrong place. Pls if I want to download films to my imose tab x1 , it will tell me i have insufficient internal memory. And i 8gb SD card. Pls wot should I do

  1. Oga Yomi…mine doesn wrk anymore…it says I shd update drivers…but my drivers are all up to date…if I uninstall n reinstall sometyms…it wrks. But stops later on again n again.


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