Do You Know That UC Broswer For PC Comes With a Free Wifi Router That Let You Share Internet to Other Devices

When it comes to speed and simplicity of use in terms of
browser, I value Firefox browser and despite the fact that I’m beginning to
fall in love with EDGE browser, I still use Firefox most of the time. But there
is something you don’t know about UC browser on PC which majority of you with
PC will fall in love with.
UC browser over the years has proven to be a very reliable
and fast browser on mobile and I can vouch that about 75% still use it on
mobile to download stuffs.

Do you know that UC browser for PC comes with an inbuilt
wifi-hotspot that allow you to share your network to other devices around.
Meaning that with UC browser, you don’t need Connectify at all, you can share
your internet network to other PC, smartphones or tablets around.
How Can I Do That?

==>Download the latest version of UC browser for PC here
==>Click on the wifi icon on the top right corner
==>Turn on UC free Wifi 
Try it and let me hear you feed back if it work for you or
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23 thoughts on “Do You Know That UC Broswer For PC Comes With a Free Wifi Router That Let You Share Internet to Other Devices”

  1. Prof… My system doesn't recognises my Samsung tab phone when I insert via USB.. I have updated the driver bur still it doesn't show.. Though it shows on other systems except mine.. What can I do.. I'm tired of removing my memory card every time to time answer files

  2. Sure!

    Its a feature I found very interesting and kul about ucweb on PC. Something very likely to send the likes of connectify to extinction.

    But while using, I've come to realise, that to use;

    ==>Your PC must be the main source of the internet connection. Which entirely slates Glo bis  users out.

    ==>The features just like the usual means of creating a hotspot via cmd, on windows 7, for now seem not to work on windows xp systems. Don't know about vista.

    Apart from the above two, the feature is perfect!

    Uche Francis!


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