Finally UC Browser Launches Desktop Version of UC Browser

Finally, UC browser launches PC version/desktop version. The
UC browser for desktop comes in two versions – a General Version and an Indian
version which is specially designed for India with a pre-loaded UC Cricket
add-on where users can access the latest cricket news, scores and the likes.

UC Browser for PC is equipped with Cloud Sync that allows
users to synchronize open tabs and bookmarks from UC Browser for mobile, so
that they can seamlessly switch between UC Browser on mobile and PC. It has
high-speed downloads, with an option to resume when downloads are interrupted,
as well as a smart file manager that automatically categorizes downloaded files
by type. In addition UC Browser for PC also comes with a preloading feature
that loads photos and links beforehand so users can open them instantly later
on for non-stop browsing. Add-ons, themes, adblock, gesture support and
customizable speed dials are also a available.


Where Can I Download it?

Download it here

Don’t wait to be told, it is faster
than Moxilla…

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23 thoughts on “Finally UC Browser Launches Desktop Version of UC Browser”

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  2. proff plzzzzz help me my android has crashed
    I tried booting with power button + volume up it didn't work and the fone aint bootin to main screen, its just stock on gionee logo

    • its a gionee p3 fone.. i was tryin to change the recovery image of the for to a custom cwm recovery i downloaded using flashify app.. den it asked me to reboot i rebooted the fone.. any tym it trys to reboot it goes off and reboot again… i tried bootin to recovery but it doesnt work it will just reboot it sef again.. plss any remedy

  3. Thanks prof.. for Always keeping us updated with the latest. Pls I have configured my utorrent to the MTN BB simple server proxy ( but the utorrent doesn't connect.. Is there a way around it or a torrent client that works fine wen configured with simple server?

  4. Nice web browser but unlike firefox, UC Browser only uses your computer's system proxy settings to connect to the network. So can not be configured to work with a proxy like that of simple server. Or can it?


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