What is Special About Black Friday? Don’t Miss This

pretty sure you must have been seeing different advert of black Friday
most especially from all this  e-commerce
website like Kaymu, Jumai and Konga. And I know some of you will be wondering
what on earth is special about Black Friday. Is it that the Friday will be
black or what?
Black Friday is a unique day in which
most businesses records the highest sales and profit ever. Not only that 
but goods are extremely cheaper than what eyes can see. I can’t imagine myself
getting a laptop of 80K for just 39K. One of the best times to get your desired
stuff online or anywhere else is on Black Friday.
Konga Black Friday is just by the door
and they are giving out mind-blowing discounts of up to
70% on every item. Have you ever imagine you getting a Hard drive of 15k for
#5,000 or you plan to get a mobile device of 47k, and amazingly, Konga gives you for 23k…? That was what happened last year. Find out here

Jumia Black Friday is tomorrow and
if you’ve not gotten your own Double awoof voucher, please do that and utilize
this season.
DealDey is also not left apart on
this platform but guess what? Dealdey is giving out 77% discounts on some of
their items… It is not common but only for one day. To get your own FREE
special Voucher from DealDey Black Friday, click here
Kaymu is not left out on this, and they offer free delivery anywhere you are in the world… Chop Knockle!
You can find out more about Kaymu Black Friday here
Are you ready?

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8 thoughts on “What is Special About Black Friday? Don’t Miss This”

  1. @Yomiprof did you mean that from 12am of 27 11 2014 that all those site you list below there. will be 70‰ on every products or what yomi?

  2. At yomi will there still. be discount on items at konga and jumia before ending of this year like this black friday stuff as in maybe something like xmas discount or new year stuff or promo pls urgent reply pls pls


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