New Method: How to Root Infinix Zero 2GB 16GB Android

Fortunately enough, root genius only succeeded in rooting
Infinix Zero 1GB/8GB Rom and the other Infinix Zero 2GB/16GB Rom has been
proving unethically stubborn to root. But a rooting kit has been provided below
that will guide you through in easy steps to root you 2GB 16GB Infinix Zero.
Just follow it carefully and I bet, at the end you’ll smile.

What You Need
==>Super Su Updated  Download Here

==>SP Recovery Flash Infinix 16+2  Download Here

==> Sp FlashTool v5  Download Here
==>MTK65xx Driver  Click Here
==>Your Phone and a Usb Cable Steps Involved.. 
Follow These Steps Below
==>Step1: Copy the downloaded Super Su to the Root of
your SD Card
==>Step2: Create a new Folder on your Desktop, Name it
“Infinix CWM” without quote then Extract the downloaded SP Recovery
Flash Infinix 16+2 to the folder (Contains two files; recovery+Scatter File)
==>Step3:  Create a
new Folder on your desktop name it “Sp Flashtool” without quote,
Extract the zip file of Sp Flashtool navigate to the folder you created earlier
“Sp Flashtool” on your desktop and extract it there.
==>Step4: Run Sp Flashtool as Administrator, it will pop
“no scatter file selected” click ok. Click on the Second bar where
you see Scatter-Loading browse where you extracted SP Recovery Flash Infinix
==>Step5: 16+2 open the folder named ” Infinix
CWM” and select the scatter file.
==> Lauch it and Click Normal wait it will update your binaries and
then ask to reboot
==>Step6: Turn Off your phone and wait for like 30secs
and Hit the Download then plug your Infinix back to the Pc. When you see the
red link you’re good but it dint display, check your drivers to confirm if you
installed the one meant for your phone.. After the Yellow Link shows, and OK
sign, unplug your device.
==>Step7: Now Hold the Vol Up  and Power button for 5 seconds, when you see
Infinix on your screen, release the power button while  you are still holding the Volume Up button.
Your Recovery will display and you’ll see something like  Reboot system now (see the image below)
==> Step8: Choose install zip from sdcard– to Choose zip from
sdcard use vol up and down scroll up and down then choose the
Update Supersu file from the root of your sdcard
. Scroll to yes and
install, after a successful installing go back and reboot. Open Playstore
Search for SuperSu it has # round triangle icon then update the SuperSu App
==> Step9: Lauch it and Click Normal wait it will update your
binaries and then ask to reboot

Now your Infinix Zero 16GB has been successfully rooted. Go straight to Google Playstore and download root checker to verify your root status. Don’t be left in isolation, ask your questions.

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47 thoughts on “New Method: How to Root Infinix Zero 2GB 16GB Android”

    • Before You Begin, Do this

      ==> First of all, your phone must be rooted and have superCID; else you will surely have problems while trying to turn S-Off.
      ==> You need to use a computer or notebook.
      ==>ADB must be installed on your computer and the fastboot environment must be working on the same.
      ==> Backup the data which is being saved on your phone’s internal storage memory. You can use our guides for learning how to save almost everything from your device, so don’t hesitate and use the same.
      ==> Your handset must have enough battery life for being able to stay “alive” during the unlock operation; so if you notice that there is less than 60% power left, use the charger.
      ==> Uninstall or just deactivate the security programs from your computer and smartphone; these tools might interfere with our work and we don’t want that to happen.
      ==> Enable the USB debugging option on your One S.

      Remember that the warranty will get void.

      Once you've done the above, Follow Carefully These Steps Below:

      ==>On your computer download the required file for your HTC one S here

      ==>Place these files on the same folder as fastboot.
      ==>Turn off the handset and reboot it into fastboot mode.
      ==>Now, use the USB cable and connect the phone with the computer.
      ==>On your computer open a cmd window (go to “Start -> run -> cmd”).
      ==>Navigate through the folder where you have saved the downloaded files.
      ==> On the command prompt window first enter the command: “adb reboot bootloader”.
      ==>Once the bootloader is showed, on cmd type “fastboot oem rebootRUU”.
      ==>Now, wait until the black HTC screen will be displayed, and then on the same cmd window enter: “fastboot flash zip ”.
      ==>Again, you have to wait for a couple of minutes. At some point the following error message will be displayed: “FAILED (remote: 92 supercid! Please flush image again immediately)”.
      ==>Then, you need to type “fastboot oem boot”.
      ==>Wait for the handset to boot into Android; don’t press anything and don’t get scared if some error message will be displayed.
      ==>Up next, enter the following three commands one at a time: “adb push soffbin3 /data/local/tmp/”; “adb shell chmod 744 /data/local/tmp/soffbin3”; “adb shell su -c “/data/local/tmp/soffbin3″.
      ==>After a few second, type “adb reboot bootloader” and you are finally done.

  1. Prof I just root my tecno now, and I tried changing my device imei with mobile uncle but I keep receiving this message "this command do not work for user build" any suggestion prof. Thanks

    • Already have it, but how? The same steps as mobile uncle becos mobile did not work and android terminator is not working either.

  2. Hello Yomi.
    I am unable to change the IMEI of infinix x700 after rooting the phone successfully.
    The error I encounter is "can't find engineering mode app".
    Please how do I overcome this challenge?

  3. Prof, I have successfully root my infinix zero 16g, but when I try changing the imei via android terminal emulator, after typing SU and hitting the enter button its telling me /system/bin/sh: SU not found. Please help me what do I do? Ahve also tried mobile uncle and mtk engineering, still no success.

  4. i'm stuck at after loading d scatter file from infinix cwm folder, i'm not seeing any normal neither is it loading the binaries, just displays some files with recovery checked, wat to do next please?


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