How To Root Any Android Device/Infinix Zero In Less Than 5MIN Using RootGenius

Being a cheerleader of your device gives you endless super  ability to tweak, twist, and transform your
device the way you want it so long you have super user  priviledge. I’ll quickly present you with an
alltime how to root any Android device using this simple app.

The latest Infinix Zero is one of the latest device that is
currently trending and frenzy, if you haven’t order for your own, do that here.
==>Disable your antivirus
How Can I Root Any Android Device Including Infinix Zero?
Root Genius is One click root tool designed to work on Windows
Computer. It helps user to root their Android Smartphone in single  click. Here, we are going to guide you
through on  how to use Root Genius to
root any Android Device starting from the latest infinix zero.
==>Enable USB Debuggin on your Android Smartphone. To
enable USB debugging, open Settings>> Developers option>>> USB
>> Tick to Enable
And for Android 4.2.2 or above, to show this option Go to
Settings>> About Phone >> Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times).
==>Download Root Genius Application on your PC here,
launch it
==>Once it’s launched, connect your Android device to the
computer (with USB Debugging enabled).
==>Once your Infinix zero or any other Android phone is
connected successfully to the computer, Root Genius will automatically detect
your Android Device.
==>Now, click on the “Root Now” button to begin the
rooting process
==>Root Genius will automatically “Root” your Android
Device and install the KingUser Application
==>Your Android Device is rooted. To check if your
Android is rooted correctly, open Application Menu, there you will be able to
see a new app installed, called KingUser. If this app exist, it means your
device has been successfully rooted.
Alternatively, you can go to Google play store and download
RootChecker app to verify your root priviledge.
Please Note:
This app works for any Android Phone/Tablets
including the latest Infinix Zero plus any Android device you’ve not been
successful in rooting.
No Data Loss: With this rooting method, you won’t
loss any data like contacts, pictures, videos, music etc.
Warranty Void: Your device warranty maybe void
after following the above tutorial
How To Unroot: To unroot your Device, Open
KingUser on your Device >>>Settings >>> Remove Root
Permission and you are good to go.
This app was created by SJRoot Developer (All
credit goes to them)
Please kindly let me know if you’ve tried the above tool to
root your Android device, if it works for you, which Android device and model
of the device. If it didn’t work for you, drop your device name and a solution
will be provided using the comment box
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116 thoughts on “How To Root Any Android Device/Infinix Zero In Less Than 5MIN Using RootGenius”

  1. Pls will i b able to move application from phone memory to external card if i root my galaxy duo? Dats d only reason i will want to root my phone. If not tell me cos my phone didn't include d option in its configuration. Tnx for ur reply

  2. I rooted the mtn sm@rt mini 620 sucessfully with the app and the kinguser was installed but the phone is now slow and its not connecting to our wifi again unlike before, pls what do I do?

  3. Gud day prof, I just download d CPU Z to chech if my solo phone IMEI can be changed or not, this is what I got

    CPU architecture: ARM Cortex-A5
    Cores: 1
    Revision: r0p1
    CPU 0: 245 MHz
    CPU vendor. Qualcomm
    CPU render And rent (TM) 200
    Scaling governor. Ondemand
    Android version. 4.1.2

    Pls prof can the IMEI be changed on the phone?

  4. Pls prof I bought a samsung galaxy!and I have an active bb subscription on my sim,I didn't even ask anybody before I went to buy data from dat guy!!I bought the data but can't browse with it!!is it because I still have an active bb subscription which will end on d 28 or is just d network!or both bb sub and normal data mb don't agree!!pls help

    • If you have a modem, put the sim in a modem and browse with to disvirgin it.

      Make sure ur apn is set to
      With web as ur password and username.
      Connect it

    • I already told u to call mtn customer care and tell them to deactivate ur bis for u that u want to use d sim on android…the datas r collliding now..u ve to call the customer care and dey would deactivate it for u….WELCOME TO ANDROID *smiles*

  5. Hi mr.Yomi prof….I got a something bothering me bout my tecno phantom pad mini P9….its telling me….internal storage running out….it came wit a one gig ram…13gb internal memory….and I slot in an 8gb ram inside…I moved some apps into 8gb memory…but still. D same thing….it doesn't allow me download apps from Google play…and it does not allow me…install apps…it kips telling me…INternal storage running out..what should I do?….tnx mr.yomiprof

    • Don't let this problem bother you as it will be fixed now… What you are currently facing is one bad thing about android but their is hope.

      What you need to do is to clear your app data cache
      How to clear app cache

      ==>On the Android Home Screen, hit the Menu Button and then navigate to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications

      ==>select the ALL Tab and you will now see a list of ALL Android Applications which you downloaded and installed via Android Market or by means of .apk files manually, along with the names of ALL those Applications which came pre-installed with your Android Mobile/Tablet Device:

      ==>select the Application whose Data Cache you want to clear.
      ==>Hit the Clear Cache Button and the Android OS will clear the cache files stored on your Device of any particular application

      Do that to all the app you want to clear it cache but remember, after doing all this, reboot your device, google play might require you to log in again to some of your app and it will save your of that annoying message "you are running out of space".

    • Alternatively, root ur PHANTOM PAD MINI with FRAMAROOT.apk or rootgenius.apk.

      after that get any file manager(x-plore, esfileexplorer, root browser e.t.c) then set your root acess to super user + mount writable
      locate ROOT/DATA/LOG_OTHER_MODE and delete d folder log_other_mode or everything that's inside…
      then reboot you android phone…ur storage space would b free as good…..
      That is what is taking ur phone memory…

  6. I'm sorry for asking this question here, but please I just need to know. I finally received Google AdSense PIN yesterday, so I am wondering if I'll receive payment this month or next month, already have $600

  7. @mr. Yomi…My tecno phantom p9 is android 4.4.2 KitKat build… I couldn't fin all of that in this tablet

    @mr.Godfrey I followed ur procedure..but when I opened d explore app…I couldn't find that log other mode…even when I have set d config to superuser+mount writabnle

  8. yomi da prof…sorry 4 d diversion, mine is kind of outdated! pls where can I download ps2 games free? like pes2014. u most be wondering wU on earth still plays ps2….lol

  9. Pls, My Yomi prof. Kindly tell me how to change The IMEI using the OCTUPUS BOX. At least I can as well get it/buy it. I want to do this tochange my NokiaXL IMEI. I can't wait to see ur reply bro.

  10. Prof,let me start by thanking u for ur educative and enlightening efforts towards d freedom of we Nigerians tech-wise.Thanks sir! I once asked ow to change d os of chromebook wc u said is impossible dt its like mac but u said one can install windows app on it.Pls, I beg u in d name of God,ow can I do dat(install windows app on it) Thanks,you quick reaponse will be highly appreciated.Thanks once more.

  11. Morning prof, I just tried the srs root for about 5 times and it could not root my I-touch, and l decided to try the root genius online, vola! Grazt, it rooted less than 3 minutes. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. Joe

  12. Prof I have tried all oda options including dis 1 to root my infinix zero but its not working it keeps say what a tough phone root failed Root manually.

  13. Unfortunately, the RootGenuis on PC is not working for my Infinix X506(16GB+2GBram) version. It says ….tough phone not rooted.

    The mobile version of the app is also not working for me. Says ….bla bla bla 94%. "Bla bla bla" here means Chinese. My guess is it's trying to say that rooting failed at 94%.

    Just for the records, am an advanced user. I have rooted and flashed custom ROMs of all Android phone I have used, including Note1, S4, +my sister's techno A+.
    I followed procedure as outlined. Yet….
    Bro am counting on you here

  14. Please prof… I downloaded d root genius for mobile on the link u gave… But it's Chinese language all through and I can change it.

  15. Thankx man. After searchig and searchig, At last rootGenuis has done it for me. On the process my phone was going On and off and I thought it was the end of my phone But to my supprise it rooted my HTC one m8sw

  16. please Prof what application can I use to root tecno P9 pad mini without using system… I v tried framaroot, it said error please any other?

  17. hello, Yomiprof. I am using tecno p9 pad with 1 gig ram + 16 gig ROM. after a month, if I download any application, its says device is full, free some spaces. then instead of seeing 16gig, am seeing nothing less than 1 gig of internal memory, please help

    • Some element are blocking your space. Go to settings from your device menu, click on app, and clear all the app cache excluding Google playstoe services. REstart your device and you are good to go. Mind you, you will be required to log in again from some of your applications.

  18. Waddup Buddies, 4 doses who are interested in Changing their INFINIX ZERO X506 16gb-2gb Android Phones IMEI to BlackBerry IMEI & ROOTING their fones, should Halla @ m on Whatsapp: 08030736706. It is tested successfully change Infinix zero x506 to Blackberry IMEI, 100 percent working that is what I am using in post d mgs. After so many trials

  19. Good day Mr yomi, plz am having issue download from my infinix x506 zero play store it keep telling me error retrieved from saver , what can I do ? Plzz

    • I don't get you; are you saying you can't download any app from your playstore at all? If you can't download at all, but are you able to open playstore without any erro?

  20. I can open play store but I can't download from it ? Plz hw can I root my infinix zero X506? So I can used d Glo subscribe ?

  21. Hello prof i have followed all the process still my infinix zero 16gb inst rooting the root Genius says failed to install drivers my usb bug is enabled still wont show on root genius

  22. prof l have done but l cant change the serial number of my infinx zero l tried using mobile uncle it didnt work.pls help me out.


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