Best Cheap MTN Data Plan Ever

I know I still have some doubting Thomas in the house and believe you
me, I don’t post what I haven’t verified working. Airtel data no longer zap as usual;
it’s been adjusted #1,500 for 4GB. I used mine for 7weeks. The other day, I
made a post on cheap Data Plans for Mtn and Etisalat

Someone sent a mail to me early hours of this morning that he saw
another cheaper plan for MTN that I should verify if it’s real or not. This is
how it goes below

250MB for #350
500MB for #600
1GB for #1000
2GB for #2000
3GB for #3000
4GB for #4000
5GB for #5000
I saw this, I was like wow…! This sound so cheap and better compared to what I posted
initially. This guy operates as a person and hopefully will soon turn into an organization.
I spoke with him and I can assure you that he’s real.
get of  the data above, I won’t be
posting his bank details on this blog but you can whatsapp him or bbm him or
drop your comment below because he will be around to answer any of your
subscription will last you for one month. 
08060918016 or bbm 7c2ce0b4
you are still using Mtn Night plan then you are wrong. Why pay heavily for data
when you can have better Gig at the speed of light. Remember, that my job is to
make internet surfing cheaper for everyone.
still waiting to see when Mtn 2GB will go for #500.
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56 thoughts on “Best Cheap MTN Data Plan Ever”

    • Hello, you can whatsapp dat number above or call him, he'll transfer the amount of data you wana buy to you… it's a wholesale thing just like mobilblaze

  1. yea dis is realy good..@ least it has cut down better dan dat of mobiblace and modest data plan….so how do we go for dis…tru richarge card or what???..pls specify here

    • Hello entity,
      He accept Direct bank transfer, mobile transfer or bank deposit. Just chat with him with the number above for more info. I didn't post those details on diz blog so that it won't look as if I'm paid to do that. I just want a cheap data plan for my readers.

  2. please yomi am stil confused on this airtel 4gig plan…though airtel kip sendin me sms dat i shuld subscribe 4 the 4gig with a certain code dat doesn't work…pls i rili nid ur help

  3. yea tanx bro for all ur effort..of cos i trust dis site ..dey dont post fake..well av chat wit him..he sed exatly wat u sed….i wish is posible to do this tru sendin recharge card to avoid stress..
    Tanx all d sem

  4. I think i should stop using night plan now and switch to this…. better offer..
    GOD go bless you yomiprof… apart from cheap browsing you dun impact in my life…. and about that BLOG we still gonna to talk on that…
    GOD bless you again.

  5. Prof please, my BBM stopped functioning since I upgraded for more than a month now. I know this is not the topic of discussion, but is there any way you could assist me please? I use galaxy note 2.

    • Yea, I can assist you. Downgrade it back to version 7. Thir is a link in one of the comment above on how to downgrade bck to version 7, it will help u out.

  6. Pls Prof,I knw ds is not d right thread to post this but pls help me.I need a review on the best, cheap and reasonable BB (either Z or Q series) with less hanging problems and a qwerty keyboard.If possible,u can do a review of the BBs along with their prices.Thanks and God bless.

  7. My blackberry(bold5) 9930 verison VERIZON is
    not supported on etisalat netwrt,pls
    help can't I upgrade or get neutral
    os on it for it to be supported pls
    help ooooo cos its only etisalat dat is going well there

  8. Dial*229*5*7# for etisalat pulse 5mins @ 15naira; note : migration to the plan is only on new sim . so buy a new sim and activate it.As you browse 15 naira will be deducted is unlimited no data cap restrictions. It is not a trick like magic sim'it is a pulse plan from ETISALAT

  9. Hello Prof. I know this is totally out of point but I need your help with the settings for your-freedom client for Android (mtn). It connects but it's excruciatingly slow even after I paid for one of the premium packages. All the settings I've seen online doesn't seem to work for me but I trust your stuff. You are my last hope please. Here's my mail [email protected] THANK YOU SIR

  10. pls Yomi help me out o. I just subscribed for the Airtel 1+1 data plan valid for 2months and its working on both opera mini, whatsapp, 2go but doesent work on play store and blackmart alfa even on steady 3G network. pls what do I do.

    • go and set a new apn with the following
      password and username: internet
      save it as your default and try to connect it again.

  11. Yomi, post this for your readers, How To Get 500GB free from Mtn

    Simple Way to Get ur 500GB.. Migrate to Mtn Zone or Mtn Ipulse Plan.. Text 500H to 131 @ Midnight… U wil Get ur Msg.. Switch off Ur Fone and Switch It Back On… Then U r Blazing.. And U can Also Share Through DataShare

    For Mtn Data Share,
    Dial *461# and Select the Number To register Then After. That U r Free to Share Data To Peeps..

    Another Way Mtn Enriches Lives..
    Mtn.. EveryWhere You Go

  12. Prof,u have always brought gud tins 4 us n dis one is very nice but i would prefer d formal modest plan……but 4 those interested,dis is d website..Pls check every detail

  13. why is everyone runing away from mtn night plan, to me is the cheapest, because you can you it to download and browse during the day with pdproxy, if you are intrested in it l will post the setting here

  14. HELP! HELP! HELP! Prof Yomi am a foolish 300 Level Computer Science Undergraduate. I have a Laptop and other gadgets one can think of. But I only browse with my school WIFI. Now that am home for 3 months long vacation, I've never connected my Laptop to the net because I cant afford to buy plan. I recently acquired a GLO modem and I exhausted the free data that was there. I later unblocked the modem in order to accept other sim cards. Boss I've been seeing all your good post but I be OLODO and super novice. Pls try and help me out with an available MTN tweak that I can use to flex on net.
    [email protected]


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