Telegram Messenger – Best Alternative To Whatsapp

If you are still on 2go then I’ll have more reason to
conclude that you are still living in the primitive era of ideology because it’s
no longer in vogue  as there are more professional messaging apps available for
all. Whatsapp without much doubt has actually ripped 2go off its glory without
any apology.

Of recent, I came in contact with a very great app of over 4
million users which is directly competing with whatsapp and even better than
whatsapp. I can boldly tell you that few years from now, just like whatsapp
ripped off 2go’s glory, this unique app is going to rip off whatsapp glory.
Telegram is a messaging app that works exactly like whatsapp
and even better than whatsapp. Available for all platform including PC. One thing
I love about this messaging app is the unbeatable features that it carries.
Why You Should Use Telegram

==>It is free forever compared to whatsapp
==>It has no limit for media or chat upload compared to
whatsapp that has limit of 16MB. Meaning if you want to send file of up to 1GB, it will deliver in minutes.
==>You can access your messages from multiple device
==>No adds, no subscription free, no expiry date unlike
==>It’s the fastest messaging app ever.
==>It’s available for all device including redundant
Nokia phones.
So if whatsapp has rejected your device before, opt into
Where Can I Download It?
==>For Android, download it here
==>For iPhone/iPad, download it here
==>For Blackberry device, opt into App world and search
for “telegram” and download it
==>For Window phones, download it here
==>For Nokia phones, download it here
==>For Desktop users, download it here
For other infected, rejected, buffeted and redundant device,
kindly contact me for an alternate download link.
One thing I love about this messaging app is for the fact
that it’s big boy’s apps. Opt in let’s keep the ball rolling.
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    • If it got stuck at the reboot logo and never boots to your home screen then that means you've ultimately BRICKED your phone! But not to worry, Prof will help you out with that, just state the model of your device. Prof we hand him over to you!

    • You have only one app because alot of people must expecially Nigerians don't know what that app can do. You can add me up with the user name Yomi.

  1. Thats nice. Hi Yomi, I'm the admin of and respectively. I once submitted NigeriaReloaded for review, could you please review it and my new site ' again.

    Actually I need a good internet access, a cheat or somethjng like that. I'm a fellow blogger even managing three sites and u know how heavy that is in terms of subscribtion. I used Airtel 1,500 for two months but I dont think the 4gb lasted a full month. Please help me out.

    [email protected]

  2. prof plz i wanna create my own blog like dis but i wanna go into d tech and fbt niche
    plz help me out
    mail: [email protected]
    whatsapp 2348171643179
    plz can u gimme yr telegram number or username
    pl which site do u recommend for god computer tricks and fbt tutorials

  3. Yomi i know heres not the place, but i was wondering if u could give us a trick on how to activate adsense on our blog without waiting 6months… and what other way can the blog earn with adsense.. thank u

  4. Yomi, I searched for you but it shows no result. is there any special way of searching for one whose contact isn't on your device?

  5. @yomi,I use nokia 5800 xpressmusic.pls do I ve to register wit microsoft first b4 I culd download d stuff?when I click on install,it brings up a page requestin I register wit microsoft

    • Hello Nick, actually their is no special method of changing Samsung except if it's cloned. Porting of rom for samsung users seems to involve long process that's why I dnt wana make a post on it

  6. yomi please the symbian link is redirecting to that of windows.. Need a fast alternative link.. Am starving for this app. Thanks ..the name is bright

  7. Just downloaded it nw but I can't is in .xap format. Not in .sisx or .jar . I downloaded d one for nokia.I use nokia 5800.@ prof,plz what do I do

  8. I'm prince, the easy way for blackberry user to get this application it to just create it to java then all bb user can get it live …….. I need am die or please download it and upload it some way for we to download jooor


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