Google Ready to Buy off HTC Smartphone Business

Only the strong can survive in this smartphone business…
unfortunately, HTC is in a bad shape and about to give up just like the old blackberry. This has been going on for a while now, following the undeniable
failure of HTC 10 and according to the latest report,  HTC experienced a 51.5% decline in revenue
from the previous month and a 54.3% decline from last August, making it their
worst month in the past 13 years.

Right now, HTC is financially handicap and rumor has it that
Google is about to acquire HTC smartphone business with two options on the
table: either becoming a strategic partner, or outright buying the entire
smartphone unit.
When a business repeatedly experiences losses, then it’s a signal
that its time to hang the boot for others to take over just like what Usain
Bolt did.
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15 thoughts on “Google Ready to Buy off HTC Smartphone Business”

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  2. I don't get it, htc with sony are among the best OEM but they seem to lack the ability to wow consumers with their products through marketing and adverts because if huawei can give apple competition then htc should've been Samsung rivals.

  3. Are they still existing? Instead of paying a whooping sum of money on an HTC device, I'll rather use that money on a Samsung device with so much prospects. They need to produce reasonable mid-range devices like huawei with good innovations just like Nokia 5.

  4. So many phone companies have gone under like Jiayu. I can't forget easily d premium device JiaYu S3 from this company ;d phone was superb. Even Leeco is currently under serious financial distress


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