Xiaomi is Stalking You, Collecting Your Data – Stop Using it

According to a security researcher working with Forbes, Xiaomi has been collecting browsing data from users who are using Xiaomi phones and the built-in browser. And the fun part is that the browser does so even in incognito mode or even when using the privacy-conscious DuckDuckGo web browser.

Gabriel Cirlig, the security researcher, is using a Redmi Note 8 as a daily driver and noticed that the device records pretty much everything he does on the phone and sends the data to servers in Russia and Singapore, although the domains are hosted in Beijing. We are talking screens, websites visited, folders opened, settings he changed, music played on the default app, etc.

Xiaomi mi ten

The data itself is poorly encrypted using the base64 format, so it was very easy for him to transcribe the data into plain text.

Cirlig went even further and downloaded the ROMs for Xiaomi Mi 10, the Redmi K20 and the Mi Mix 3 and found the very same security vulnerability on all of them. Another security researcher, Andrew Tierney, found the suspicious behavior on the Mi Browser Pro and the Mint Browser too.

Xiaomi has responded to the allegations saying that Forbes findings are misleading and untrue. A spokesperson for the company said that Xiaomi complies with all local laws and regulations on user data privacy and the collected browsing data has been anonymized.

As to why Xiaomi is collecting it, it’s because the firm is trying to improve the user’s browsing experience and it’s a standard practice. More importantly, the data can’t be traced back to a specific user. However, Gabriel Cirlig sent a video to Xiaomi showing how the browser sends its history to the said servers even in incognito mode.

Xiaomi users, what do you have to say about this? Xiaomi is stalking you.

Source: Forbes, Via: GSMArena

H/T : YomiProf

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18 thoughts on “Xiaomi is Stalking You, Collecting Your Data – Stop Using it”

  1. This even made me love Xiaomi the more… It is the best phone I’ve ever used. For the stalking, I don’t care so long it doesn’t harm me. If you don’t know, even phones like Infinix, Tecno, etc are also stalking you.

    • Just Look At How Ignorant You Are For This. . .How FOOLISH.

      They are trying to understand the human brain and control it using that device to monitor your every move, that is why they are protecting their brand.

      When it’s proper to strike you, it will be easy for them, because you don’t have any to save you, because they fully understand how you operate.

      E.g, when you google search anything, they show you your precise location.

      That’s why A.I is here to make it easier for them to do. . .am so disappointed about we humans think.

      So Ignorant.

  2. Every since I was able to buy a phone for my myself by myself I have never used a phone more than a year before I change it, most times within 6 months.
    When I discovered Xiaomi all of that changed. My latest (Mix 3) is almost 2yrs & I don’t plan dropping it anytime soon except…..

      • Prof tnx God I discovered Xiaomi very early. I ported from Blackberry Q10 to Mi Max Prime then. It has been smooth smooth experience since then. U get value for ur money 4get all those stories of sending ur data to China except u v skeleton in ur cupboard u r keeping away from the world but God sees u.

  3. I smell a US conspiracy here, just happens to be coming from Forbes in a time where china is supposedly to blame for even the mosquitoes that bite us in Africa. I am at a lost here, why is this such a big deal, when you use a Google owed operating system, and who trades privacy for a living after Facebook? That they got caught is just the common practice of them all, look into big names in the mobile industry and come back with the same mindset let me see….
    Leave Xiaomi alone they were the first to bring standard to low income communities, that alone marked a target on their backs. If I was an Android user, Xiaomi would be almost my first pick


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