WowWeekend: Buy MTN 3.5GB For N2000 & Get 17.5GB Free Data

To those of you that need to download this weekend, get in
here, MTN want to make your weekend amazingly superb with endless download.
They are currently giving out a WowWeekend free data when you buy any of the
below packages. Got this message not quite long with the following offer

Special offer! Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB Free data
Dial *131*113#
Buy 750MB for N500 and get free 3.75GB free data dial
Buy 1.5GB for N1000 and get 7.5GB Free data. Dial *131*106#
Buy 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB free data. Dial *131*110#
How Long Will The bonus last?
The bonus will last you for this weekend, expires Sunday
How Can I Check my Bonus Data?
Dial *131*4#
This is indeed a ridiculous free data offer that is definitely
going to end in a ridiculous way.MTN doesn’t really care how you are going to
exhaust the 7.5GB or 17.5GB, what they care about is that it will expire Sunday
night 11:59PM
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14 thoughts on “WowWeekend: Buy MTN 3.5GB For N2000 & Get 17.5GB Free Data”

  1. It zaps like no tomorrow.. ..i was givin 1Gb last Week.. ..just for me to download one episodes of tyrant….. Laugh almost killed me Wen it finished at just 50mb.. .wat a WOW weekend it was in did..

  2. My oga please I need ur help? I activated the data plan for the 3.5G, but dey didn't deduct from the 17.5G, dey kip deducting from my 3.5G data plan.

    Please I need ur help on this?

  3. Omo you guys shud avoid mtn like buhari
    Use glo, dia data is cheap,network speed average.
    Better than scampolous scameristic mtn

  4. Prof abeg help out the airtel 50N 1.5gb night while in use, when exhausted starts to zap from main credit. Is it just me or is it general? Meanwhile do u know of any app that monitors data usage on android? Thanks for assisting.

  5. Prof pls what app can I use to play my media downloaded from different sources (moviebox, xender, Vlc, Mercury)on iPhone without using individual apps to view them


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