Top 10 Most Popular Smartphones in the 1st Half of 2016

If your smartphone is not listed, then your brand is a
learner, still in junior secondary school. AnTuTu, the mobile benchmarking website has released its index for 10
most popular smartphones in the first half of 2016. I was expecting to see at least the likes of Gionee, Huawei but they seems to take the unnoticeable middle
seat. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 falters behind its earlier predecessor,
the Galaxy S6.

The website shows top 10 indexes with handsets from all over
the world, thus highlighting which are the devices the market is most
interested in.
Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone in The World
Samsung Galaxy Note 5     
Samsung Galaxy S6,             5.47%
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge      3.41%
Samsung Galaxy S7      
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3     
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge     
Meizu MX5                           2.22%
LG G3                                    2.14%
LeEco 1S                               1.93%
Meizu Metal                          1.70%
I guess you can sport your brand in the order as arranged by AnTuTu… and I guess if you can’t see your brand present physically, you can
also rank them spiritually. Some of us believe in the law of the higher the
price the better the quality while some others will just go for a low cost
efficiency with good performance device. 
AnTutu firmly believe that, why Red MI Note3, Le 1S and
Meizu MX5 are so popular is greatly related to their cost efficiency. Whether
you like it or not, Samsung still remain the king of the jungle.
Which Brand are you using, and which rank will your give
your brand?
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