How To Upgrade Any Apps To Premium Apps On Android

If there is anything I love about my android device, is the
ability to use it, tweak it, surf with it, game with it, in a nutshell, do as
occasion serve me with it; that is why it’s called a device. Any Android device
you can’t use at your convenience or tweak as you like is not a device but a
mobile phone. 

I once shared with us how you can get Android paid apps for free and I’m pretty sure most individuals here are rocking paid apps for free
already. But today, I’ll quickly show you a simple trick on how to easily
upgrade every or almost all free apps to premium apps on your Android phones. I
can’t imagine me using an app and some features are deactivated because I’ve
not yet upgraded the app; it’s disheartening, defecting and annoying. So if you
are in that category, follow the simple procedures below.
What is Needed

Your device must be rooted
You need internet connections to carry out this
How To Upgrade Free Apps To Premium Apps on Android
You’ll permit me to name the application you are about to
download “Errand Boy”, you’ll understand why, ones we are done.
==>Download and install this YPfreedom app here
==>Move it to your device memory
to your time zone and change it to Moscow ( NB: The reason why we are changing the time zone is because most developers are from there and they make their apps work in their time zone only. But if you are from Asian countries like Nepal, India, etc you don’t need to change timezone to Moscow, as you cn use it directly).
you’ve succeeded in changing it, launch the app and  it will show you lists of apps that can be
upgraded via this app
the application you want to upgrade and go to the part of the application that
shows “Upgrade via playstore or Buy coins/cash (for games) via playstore” then
you choose the amount to upgrade or the amount of item you want to buy, and it
pays automatically. That is why I call it your errand boy.
Finally, once
you are done, change the time zone back to normal.
It works
like magic; but remember that you are the boss of your Android device.
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56 thoughts on “How To Upgrade Any Apps To Premium Apps On Android”

    • Hello Koly,
      But has any of your app been upgraded? do it from this angle
      ==>Turn on flight mode.
      ==>Go to Date and time settings and uncheck Automatic. Go below and select your time zone to Moscow, GMT +4:00
      ==>Turn on ur 3G. Try it and see if it still gives the debit card issue

    • That was what I did bro. But when I click on sum app to upgrade, it wud say this app cnt b free. But those dat open re still requesting 4 debit or credit card. Tho, it seems one Vpn app upgrade but when I later check it, it still ask for upgrading to remove ads. Thanks

  1. Pks bro Yomi,I need your help urgently..
    My techno m3 was misbehaving(
    reinstalling apps by itself,deleting apps..etc) so I decided the to backup my files and performed hard reset on it ..NAFTA d hard reset,some of my apps/games(e.g droid VPN,openvpn ,temple run) were unable to reinstall even from Google play store and other links..
    *my handset is rioted*

    My number:
    Pls add me on whatsapp and message me bro..

    Please help me

    • With what you said, the ROM is already culrupt before you back it up. Therefore, find someone with m3 , root the phone for him, install recovery for him and back his/her ROM up and restore to yours… You will be getting error -24 when download some apps from play store with your current ROM

  2. Basically, "freedom" is use to buy in apps purchase, it means you can use to buy coins, gem, etc you can use it to unlock an premium version in the apps eg. U can use it to unlock fifa14.. You don't need to change your time zone yourself, "market unlocker" an apps on play store or launch the apps marked the box of "enable unlocker" swipe left and select Russian GMT+4 (this method can be use to download app not meant for your country for your country) you can now launch freedom

    NB: whenever you use freedom, play store we not connect to internet again so, you need to use a file explorer that can access root file (I use root browser) navigate to system/etc and delete the file name "host", play store we connect again… I don't know why prof dosent talk about that

  3. Let them use market unlocker to change time zone

    NB: you can't use the apps to download paid apps from play store, you can only use it to do in apps purchase… Eg. Buying coins, unlock levels, premium etc

    • it is absolutely abnormal… even 15 min is too much for it to be activated. I'll suggest you look for the next available bb and insert your sim inside and in no time, it will be activated.

  4. Oga sorry for posting here……through your write ups I was able to creat a blog which is please I would like you to lecture me on how to put a custom domain …weather am to register and hoste the domain or register only and put on my blog thanks

    I need feedback please

  5. Hi yomi its me again the south africa man. How can i swap my s2 emei to blackberry bcz i did try with all ur metheod but it ws in vain . An sometime my s2 use to read shell permission while my phone its rootd already with fameroot

  6. @mr yomi yrgent help………………my bold5 wont boot up even safe mode,plug to pc but d computer will detect it for a while and wen i waant to use apploader on it,it will disconnet pls help to revive my phone thanks.

  7. pls is there any tool you can help with dat can force wipe,reload os,factory reset inshort an advance function on BLACKBERRY pls help wif it

  8. @Don McCoy 5
    You said i should "find someone with m3 , root the phone for him, install recovery for him and back his/her ROM up and restore to yours.."
    please how will recover & restore to mine..Please help a brother out..

    Please Bro Yomiprof and Don McCoy 5 add me up on whatsapp with this number:

  9. pls prof yomi i need your help,i want to buy samsung galaxy tab p1000 at&t, but the phone is simlock because they sent it from uk.all other aspect of the phone is working except the simlock…i dont no if i can unlock it here in nigeria or i should forget about the phone. pls advice me

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  11. Greetings….prof yomi,i have been a dedicated member of ur blog,and i have benefited a lot. It was through your step by step guide i got to open a verified paypal account in nigeria. But i woke up one morning only to notice my account is limited. I have done what they ask me to,but they need to send a code to a phone number for me to enter.The issue now is,i dont know how to get this code to reactivate my account.Plz help me out even if it cost me $10-$15 dollars.This is my email [email protected]

    • Hello Mr Paul, I think it's paypal who will send the code through your bank to very it. How long has it taken? It depends on banks too but I'll just say relax, cos atimes, the code might take days.


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