Bad News: Airtel Weekend Plan Has Been Stopped

This plan was a life savior even when Airtel normal data
plan zaps like hell. You can accumulates the data, download with it and you are
sure it won’t be exhausted because the data runs normally. Not everybody was qualified
for the plan but majority of those who are opportune to use this plan can
attest to the facts that it was a life savior.

I tried subscribing for this plan today by dialing *474*1# and I got a sorry
ass message that the plan has been discontinued. Introduced November 2015- Ended March 2017…Painful; I don’t know who advised
them to stop the plan or could it be recession?

It is a definitely a bad news
for Airtel users must especially those who wait till weekend to download or
stream one thing or the other. This is one of the reasons why I use my Airtel
sim. Now I’m going to pack it and drop it where it belongs.

By the way, if you have Zoto App installed on your device,
update it now and you’ll receive free N500 airtime.
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