Why Are You Not Using Timely Based Data Plan (Airtel & 9mobile)?

A lot of subscribers have abandoned Airtel and 9mobile timely based data plan; some don’t even know it exist.

Timely based data plan can be useful when you have large file to download and you don’t want to tamper with your normal data plan. So long you have a good network reception, and you wish to download heavy file, then timely based data plan is recommended for you.

Airtel Timely Based Data Plan

It was launched sometimes in 2015 and the price was revisited in 2016. The plan allows you to surf the net unlimited for a particular time frame depending on the package you subscribe for.

For instance, you subscribe for a 30min package, you’ll be able to download unlimited within that time frame… Meaning you can download up to 8GB file within 30min if you have a good network reception.

How Do I Get it?

30min goes for N300

60min goes for N500

Initially, the price was 30min for N90 and 60min for N180… but something happened!

Dial *439# to begin

9Mobile BlazeOn timely Based Data Plan

BlazeOn is 9mobile timely based data plan but it has a fair usage cap attached to it.

timely based data plan

10mins for N50 (fair usage cap of 250MB)

15mins for N70 (fair usage cap of 380MB)

30Mins for N120 (fair usage cap of 800MB)

60mins for N200 (fair usage cap of 1.7GB)

How Do I Get it?

Download BlazeOn from Playstore

Note: If you are downloading the app for the very first time, you’ll get free 200MB once you register.

So we want to ask you why are you not using any of these timely based data plans most especially those of you who do more of downloading?

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34 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using Timely Based Data Plan (Airtel & 9mobile)?”

  1. I don’t trust the network to the extent of committing such amount to it in that such time, they can do and undo at times, downloading with 4G crawling soo slow as 100kb while some times it about 2mb per seconds

  2. Pls Prof, this may be off topic.. I ordered for a phone via aliexpress and for over a week now, when I track my order, it shows “Despatched to OverSeas Postal Admin (From SG/SIN to NG/LOS)”. Does it mean it has arrived Nigeria? Is it at NIPOST in Lagos? Pls reply thanks!

  3. Why should i use time base plan, if you sub and there 4G signal went off, how many hrs will it take you to download 1GB ?
    And we all know the so called time base plan is not unlimited even if its unlimited the factors surrounding you and the network will not make you use more than 500mb, if you get to that self you get luck


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