Android Adds Support For Foldable Smartphone Displays

Like it or not, Flexible smartphones are the future and Google is betting big on that one.

Google has announced it is optimizing Android to account for a new form factor – foldable smartphones.

Google is enhancing its Android operating system to support foldable displays, combining interface changes with the operating system’s existing screen continuity feature.

foldable smartphone

Screen continuity is an API used by Android apps to detect when the screen has changed in size or rotated and adjust their interface accordingly.

Support for foldable smartphone displays can be added to this API, leaving it up to developers to ensure that their applications properly implement this feature.

The blog post also mentions that more than one manufacturer is looking into creating flexible phones. Aside from Samsung, other makers such as Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo and Motorola are all said to be working on a version of their own and the new handsets will start showing up beginning from 2019.


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23 thoughts on “Android Adds Support For Foldable Smartphone Displays”

  1. Android 9 has been through a lot ehn, lol. Was optimized for notched displays, now it’s gonna be the first to be optimized for foldable displays, great news though.

  2. Oga prof I and my house hold disagree with this.
    Where fold-able phone will kickout or make more sales than normal phone
    its just part of technology, to let us know its possbile, will not make to have more sales


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