Cheapest Data Plan For Android, PC, iOS & Blackberry Users in May 2016

Hello guys, I’m going to try my possible best to present you
with the cheapest and affordable data plans you should go for in this month of
May. Your phone is not smart enough until it is data enabled. To make this
easier for you, I’m going to divide every internet user into 3 categories.

Simple User Data Plans

Heavy User Data Plans  and

Ordinary User Data Plans
Simple User Data Plans:
Glo: Glo seems to offer one of the cheapest data
subscription in which you can get 1.5GB for N1,000 or 4.5GB for N2,000. And
this plan works on all devices. I still think there is a cheaper data plans
better than these. It gives you ;
3GB for N1,200
4.5GB for N1,600
6GB for N2,000
12GB for N3,500
24GB for N5,500.
These plans are not cheat or tweak but legit sold by a
reliable third party seller, tested and trusted! If you need it, PM me and I’ll
link you up with the seller (The seller will be giving 1.5GB as bonus for N700).
Will it Work on my Device?
Yes, it will work on all devices including Nokia touch-light
that is gprs enabled.
Airtel: Airtel network is one of the fastest networks in
most locations and I can tentative vouch for it. But every other Airtel data
plans zaps except the weekend plans of N100 for 1GB and their blackberry plan.
If you are a new subscriber on Airtel network, then I’ll recommend you go for “Welcome
to Airtel plan”
that gives you 4GB for N1,500 + 2600 extra credit. See more
info about it here.
Airtel Blackberry Plan: I’m sure by now you are aware that
you can use Airtel Blackberry plan of 3GB for N1,000 on your Android devices.
If you are new to it, simply check here for more details.
MTN BBLITED: For now MTN BIS is not working on Android,
hopefully before the month run out, a better way to fix it will be unveiled. 
Glo Blackberry Plan: Glo Blackberry plan
has been reduced to 3GB For N1,400 and N1,500 respectively. I tried the N1,400
and it zaps data a lot while the N1,500 plan doesn’t zap at all. 
Subscribe for any of this plan;
*777*21# For 3GB For N1,400
*777*23# For N1,500 or dial *777# and follow the prompt respectively. It works
on BB10 and Android who’s IMEI has been tweaked.

Ordinary User Data Plan:
one is for those who don’t consume much on their devices, they merely download,
just to surf the net, read news and socialize and turn off their data. We have
a plan that equally suits you.
N1,000 for 1.5GB
: Dial *777# and follow the prompt. No
strange settings required.
N1,000 for 1GB
: Dial *229*2*7#. No strange settings
1.3GB for N1,000
. Send 106 to 131
for N2,000: Send 110 to 131 and it will be activated
1GB for N1,000
: dial *496# it will last you
for 30 days.
Heavy User
Data Plans
plan works best for those that love to download all the time…
daily unlimited Plan:
When it is unlimited, we don’t keep
quiet because it’s going to solve a lot of online downloading problem. I’ve
used this plan before and I can tell you that it’s not capped. For the first 6
hours of my use, I downloaded 8GB, the rest is history. Unfortunately, not all
of you are eligible for this plan.
get this plan, load your MTN line with N150 and dial *567*59#. It works
on all smartphones, PC and iOS.
Unlimited Night Plan
: Airtel network is strong in most
locations and strongest during the night hour. This plan is unlimited at night;
no speed throttling, and it is download as you want.
to Subscribe to The Airtel Night Plan:

=> For 1hour plan, dial *481*1# and it cost N100
=> For 3hours plan, dial *481*2# and it cost N300
=> For 6hour plan, dial *481*3# and it cost N500.

NB: This data plan works on all devices, be it Java phones, Symbian, Android,
iPad, iPad, PC.

1GB for N200 (12am – 5am)
3GB for N500 for Sat and Sun + 7 Nights
Are you still confuse on what data plans to use? Ask me your
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96 thoughts on “Cheapest Data Plan For Android, PC, iOS & Blackberry Users in May 2016”

  1. Yomi how can i change the imei of my samsung s4 ..if its possible how and where can i get the app to change the imei plss …i wan use that airtel 1k 3g sub -Yomi answer me jawe

    • Hello Yasafah,
      Their is only one way to change the imei of Samsung Galaxy S4 via octupus box. Every other way like Xpose installer is just temporary. To use octupus box, go to the nearest computer village near you and request that you want to fix your imei. ocutpus box is not an app, so you can't download it.

  2. Thanks Prof for this wonderful outline, but please what i really really want to ask thought is not related to the topic is when will paypal start allowing us to receive especially we from Nigeria? After two years still the same story.

    • This is a really good question. Some times last month someone raise thesame opinion on for PayPal to allow us receive money. about 200 Person needs to sign it before any positive feed back can be ascertain. I'll check it up again and repost it on this platform for everyone to equally join the league.

  3. Yomiprof i know i am not supposed to post dis here but I just buy a Lenovo G5030 and it's does not detect my infinix hot note i have searched on Google for solutions i have installed the necessary mtk drivers but it did not work i have also refresh the windows and it did not work it is Windows 8.1 how can i upgrade to Windows 10 maybe it will work help me

  4. prof i'm a female blogger, i don't know how to tweak and all that besides i lost my android phone and i'm managing nokia asha till i get a replacement. i use etisalat 1gb-1000naira and it finishes within few days. pls what data plan do you recommend for me?

    • Hello Sylvia,
      So nice to have you around… Sorry about your Android phone you lost, when next you are going to get a relacement, make sure you get an android that supports 4G lTE. Etisalat 1GB data doesn't last. Same is applicable to Airtel except you are getting it from a third party reseller. If Airtel network is strong in your location, I can recommend Airtel third party reseller for you N750 for 1GB and it will last you more that ETisalat otherwise, settle for the latest MTN new data plan of N1,000 for 1.3GB.

    • Hello David Momoh,
      Sorry about that… but I'd published a post that nobody should pay any money into his account earlier on, after receiving much complain about him scamming ppl. Probably you didnt read the post or see it. I'd done that over and over again since last two months that data is not available for the suppose dude and alot still went ahead to pay into his account.

      I'm really sorry about that bro.

  5. thats nice to know.i have a suggestion to make.why dont you transfer that whatsapp group to telegram group.telegram is a lot more organized than whatsapp,it would also help transfering files from one user to the other.08060641159,incase its done.all users can be on 1 group instead of multiple groups

  6. Pls Oga yomi assist me.. i ordered from gearbest since on Friday and it has bn shipped but noting coming up on my tracking number: RS508238948NL
    I'll be glad if u help me check it up. Thanks Sir

    • Hello SalamSalam, I just checked now and I can't find your order. Is the order number correct? Also is what you order for below $13? if its below, you won't be able to track it. But if its above, reply with the correct order number let me get in touch with their CC

  7. Pls Yomiprof, what would recommend btw MTN 1.3gb@1000 and 3.75gb@2000 for we iPhone users 'cos the Airtel 3gb@1500 that I subscribed to doesn't last up to 2weeks not to talk of a month. Airtel zaps data a lot. I also learnt that iPhone zaps data a lot but am not sure. How can you advise me?

  8. See all you poor guys,beggars.
    I use etisalat 5gig for 5k and it goes on monthly. No data zapping, strictly modem tins.I af 3800mb left,dis my second week of using it


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