MTN Surprise: MTN Introduced New Data Plans 3.75GB & 1.3GB

It seems MTN is gradually waking up from their slumber after
losing 2.6Million subscribers and not just that, but this seems to put all MTN
Data re-sellers in a tight corner. While doing my thing earlier this morning and
temporarily expecting a life changing SMS, MTN sent me an SMS which some of you
will like and some of you won’t like it all.

It’s a new data Plan that gives you almost 500% of the
existing data plan. In order words, this plan is better that the Better Me Data
bundle of 2015MB for N2,000. Instead of looking for third party data resellers,
you can simply subscribe to this plan.
How Can I Get This Plan?
It’s pretty simple, For 3.75GB, SMS 110 to 131 and you’ll be
charge N2,000
And for 1.3GB, SMS 106 to 131 and you’ll be charge N1,000
Will it Work on my Device?
Yes, it will work on all devices with MTN default settings.
Now tell me, what is the hope of all data resellers
considering the facts that you can get 1GB for N1,000 on Etisalat; N100 for 1GB
on Airtel and now, MTN has decided to join the league. Welcome development I
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39 thoughts on “MTN Surprise: MTN Introduced New Data Plans 3.75GB & 1.3GB”

  1. Hmmm dey said payoneer master card is free to hv but to me if u hv it and use it to do any single transaction on our local ATM dey will charge u almost $3 per each transaction…ok lets assume u went to a Nigerian bank ATM and u withdraw jst #1000 then out of it the 1k transaction u paid almost $3 for the service rendered to u by the "USA" while u can use our local Card for free..So my question goes to those who have it with them "who is fooling who???.." U.S or we ourselves..pls who among the 2 of us cos I dnt understand why is free and yet u will pay almost $3 for each transaction???? prof pls answere me ooO.

    • It will have been nice if you ask what is the value of payooneer master card instead of thinking what you wrote above. If what you wrote above is what you want to use Payooneer Master card for, then Your local ATM is your best friend.

  2. Nice move,super coverage and faster network,if u not using Mtn network to the fullest school uses MTN n I get upto 6.7mbs.downloads 11.4gb in 1hr44mins still slow………..MTN tried sha btr nt upto expEctation…….

  3. The plan is for those on zone tariff. Tried it with my Tru talk but return with activation failed. But a friend tried with Zone tariff and it returned with insufficient fund. So I think it works only for those on Zone Tariff.


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