Why Are You Not Using Airtel 1GB For N100?

I know some of you are still using etisalat social me with
Psiphon but the speed throttling is completely out of this world. When it comes
to weekend, I always makes use of simpler data plans  most especially if the network is super-fast.
I suspend my normal data and just toggle around with something simple like
Airtel 100 for 1GB or Mtn unlimited daily plan of N150. But I noticed a lots of
people are not using this plan.

Some are saying they are not eligible for the Airtel weekend
plan and I wonder how possible could that be. You can easily enable your sim to
use Airtel 1GB for N100 simply by calling CC.
Airtel unlimited night plan is majorly for downloading, and
it’s super-fast, but lots of people are not using it… Whatever your reasons might
be, I’ll suggest you give it a shot or tell us why you are not using it.
Remember that you can still get 6GB with N2,500 + extra N2,600
on your Airtel sim. So tell us why you are not using Airtel weekend plan.
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35 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using Airtel 1GB For N100?”

    • Hello jason, why not use Zyphon handler, that what I’m using. Download zyphone handler

      APN: etisalat
      Proxy: leave it empty
      Port: leave it empty

      Zyphone settings
      Tick "remove port"
      Proxy Type: double real host
      Proxy Server: cdn.whatsapp.net
      Real Proxy Type: HTTP

      Real Proxy Port: 80

      Click Save and go to more option by tapping on the spanner icon

      Tick "connect through an http"
      Tick "use the following settings"
      Host Address:
      Port: 3128

      Go back to the app menu and connect
      That’s what I’m currently using

    • Abegi no vex,i Don do everything, it only shows connecting,available restarted my phone,still it shows connecting.I'm on etisalat 300 social smatpak plan,or do I need to subscribe to the 150 own.pls help a bro

    • Which access point,you mean my phone apn or zyphone proxy server.pls enlighten me cos tweakware speed is too slow,my zyphone never connects,always shows connecting

  1. Yomi how can i change the imei of my samsung s4 ..if its possible how and where can i get the app to change the imei plss …i wan use that airtel 1k 3g sub

  2. I have tried to subscribe for the above discussed data plan but Airtel said I am not eligible. I called CC to enable it but they said it is for selected customers. I asked if they can tell me the eligibility requirement but they declined. Unfortunately, MTN said I am not eligible for their own plan too. I am finding it difficult to use my android tv box because I have to subscribe for atleast 3GB Airtel data every weekend.

  3. Prof i successfully root my Samsung galaxy grand prime and also changed the imel to that of bb 10 too but I subscribed to 1k for 3g plan as u instructed but it's still not browsing.. did you text it with a Samsung phone or MTK device? Please help

  4. @Tj I did as u stated. The thing no gree ooh. Am using chatpak week plan. @chibuike basil, same here am using grand neo. According t yomiprof we nid octpus box. I suggest a computer village nearest to you.


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