Be Wise – You Can Nolonger Top Up Your Glo BIS Gig, Might Soon Be Blocked

I can’t really guarantee you that Glo bb subscription will last till the end of  this month, that was why I said if you have every possible opportunity to top up your Glo Gb, do
it. Unfortunately, while I was trying to cross check some code on my Glo line, I
discovered that you can no longer top it up

again. Instead, you will get a sorry message that sorry you are not allowed to make this change, kindly choose another data plan”.

So Android users, be wise. If you had
already top up to 12GB or more, use it wisely because you never can tell if you’ll
be able to re-subscribe or not. However, I need a new person who had just
succeeded in changing his/her imei to make a Glo bb subscription to see if it’s
will be approved or not.

Don’t be scared wither it will be
blocked or not, there will always be a way out. So use your Glo GB wisely. 
Another thing to note, all Android users
that have rooted their phones, I discovered a lot of new users are not familiar
with so many things on their device hence end up cutting the lifespan of their
Android device short. Don’t delete any app on your device if
you don’t know what it does. If at all there is something you needed to do
always ask and you’ll be put through on how to go about it.
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70 thoughts on “Be Wise – You Can Nolonger Top Up Your Glo BIS Gig, Might Soon Be Blocked”

  1. Boss wat about iPhone n Samsung users how do we change our imei number to dat of a blackberry device… Pls reply ASAP

  2. choi!! dis is bad! i deleted d inbuilt launcher(stock launcher) dat came wit my phone, meaning if i factory reset d phone, it will b stucked on d boot logo cos no launcher,anyway of making go launcher a stock launcher?

  3. I just did my sub yesterday….. After i hv been getting a sorry message for over two weeks……………. Now is time to flex…….. Thankx for the nice job u doing here prof………. chop knuckle

  4. Good morning Sir, you got that reply because you were cross checking with the wrong codes. To be double sure use COMONTH to 777, instead of codes.

    • An easy way to subscribe for the 1000 3gb is by *777*21# with 1000 naira minimum balance on phone and not that comonth stuff that may take time. Still did it for a friend lastnight on his Tecno M3 phone and they activated his bb subscription immediately sending him a success message.

    • I did #2000 for 6gig this morning it they gave me 6gig sharp sharp.
      @Yomi I had the same problem before, so I decided to exhaust my 7.23gig data with few days and after that (0gig) I resubscribe and all is well again till Decmber

  5. I once received dat msg last week when i was try to activate the weekly bis. It means DAT ur bis activation is still pending

  6. Hi guys, my problem is with the mobile hotspot thing, I can connect a device to the hotspot but there will be no access to the internet. Do I need any extra settings to My bold 5 os7.1 to make it work?

    • You dnt need any extra settings. Once you are able to connect a device to ur hotspot, it should browse. Make sure u browse a little on d device before d one u re sharing it with.

    • If your bold 5 have hotspot, you can share it to ur laptop. Though I've only tried dis on bb10 and it worked perfectly. Other os7 is mainly via pdanet. But you can try it out.

  7. I just topped my Glo Bis sub this morning… I simply topped by dialing *777*9# … and it was immediately activated… 4.3gb to expire 4-8-14..
    NB; this was some on my my tecno android tablet… I didn't insert my sim into any bb device . Good luck as u .extend your sub.

  8. Prof…. Pls can i do the subscription straight up from ma android or must i use a bb b4 switching the sim to android????
    Pls add me up on whatsapp: 08034481226

  9. MTN NIGHT PLAN working with pdproxy Now

    1. Order for PDproxy voucher and activate.
    2. Load your MTN line with #2500
    3. Send 102 to 131 for night plan and day plan
    4. Connect your modem to MTN APN
    5. Start your PDproxy
    a. Click settings
    b. Advance config
    c. Parent proxy(tick use proxy)
    d. Ip:
    Port: 8080
    e. Click Header x-
    6. Save and Back
    7. Choose TCP protocol in place of UDP Then
    connect your PDproxy..
    Pdproxy will convert both 3GB n 1.5GB to one and
    So your browsing can only stop when u exhaust
    your 4.5GB.
    no night time,
    no day time just browse…
    FOR UPGRADE Contact me On 07068832155

  10. Prof, l called the glo customer care today for them to explain the meaning of that message"sorry,you are not allowed to make this change, kindly choose another data plan" l was told that nothing is wrong with the sim, that it is normal. That u will only be allowed to top up your glo bis 3times maximum and any attempt to exceed that, u will get the message above. so u can only subscribe again at the end of the expiration date,either through auto renewal or fresh subscription. So no wahala my guys…Enjoy urself…

  11. please Oga yomi add me in your whatsapp… and I got a problem with my droid all of a sudden my apps like fifa14 MC4 GTA Rio stops reading from my obb folder and some of my pics disappearing… please Help me before it gets critical

  12. Oga prof, plz I have been trying to change my imei number on my tecno m3 but it's NOT going through even though I followed d procedure on this site.
    plz is there any other easy way to change this imei number?
    NOTE: my phone is ALREADY rooted n I av already generated my bb imei number.

  13. Hello pro..pls i need to get a pc @ an affordable price, some1 adviced ebay using paypal…but i wasnt much comfortable wit dat..can u help pls.?

    • If you are based in Lag, you can get an affordable pc. How much do you budget for the pc? I'll only advice you use ebay if you are gettn more than 2pc.

  14. Hi Prof. Please how can I reload/change the software on my Techno P5. It's having funny issues, the sensor is not responding(i.e the phone doesn't tilt or rotate) and the option to switch camera lens(back and front) is not showing, it's stuck on front-facing camera. Or is there another solution?

  15. hello Mr Yomi thanks for your usual assistant. may the good Lord continued to uphold you. pls I urgently need your assistant. in the process of linking my application from internal memory to SD card. my play store. maps and few other apps got deleted. pls what can I do to recover it back. thanks

  16. Oga Yomiprof! Subsbribed to d glo bb monthly subscription around 11pm yestday with tecno P5 and up until now, my subscription activation is stil pending. What could be wrong??

    • If you succeed in tweaking your imei it shld be activated on ur android. However, look for a BlackBerry fone and insert it in it. Once Uv recv mesg dat it active, return it bk to ur android.

    • You have to do it with a BB phone or better still put that your SIM in a BB phone and call the customer care for activation. Or just leave the SIM in BB for sometime they surely activate it

  17. I think dis hotspot tin is nt wrkin jare, ve tried it again nd again, d thing connected but its nt browsing, probably dere ar oda settings needed

  18. Oga prof, what if I load the credit before my mb expires so it automatically auto renews itself? Wld that save me from error message?

  19. Goodmorng Mr. Yomiprof, pls how can I buy bulk internet data at a cheaper rate from mtn,etisalat,airtel and glo? Thanks

  20. Mr. Yomi pls is it advisable to subscribe for airtel 4gig for 1500? Am eligible nd i want to b sure if dis mb zapping of a thing is really over b4 i subscribe.

  21. Prof. Please how do I swap IMEI number for a Samsung GT-i8262? Please can you give me the detailed tweaking process. I'd very much appreciate it.

  22. Sorry, yomi l have been having some problems trying to backup my tecno m7 using cmw, please do you have any detailed tutorials on how to install CWM as well as using it to backup.

  23. Hello Prof
    thanks for all your education and assistance
    Please, how can i root my HTC wildfire
    please i need this info,

  24. Hello Prof, thanks for all the good things. Can you please help me with how to root my tecno phantom z? I have tried virtually every rooting tool-towel root, vroot, root genius, framaroot, oneclick root, kingo, etc and what have you. Waiting please. And thanx once again.

  25. u don't really need to root ur fone b4 u can change d imei. u can change the imei without rooting. I use an innjoo i2s with latest firmware and android version. ryt now no tool can root I simply changed d sweat!


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