How To Change Imei via Engineering Mode.apk

Hello guys, sorry if I left most of your questions
unanswered, it’s because I’ve been away and I really missed you guys. Imei is
still working perfectly but with Samsung… No! Except for cloned Samsung device.
Okay for Gionee and some other device that seems to be so stubborn to change, I
found a solution for you.

You don’t even need to root some of these device like Gionee
before you tweak the imei. I don’t know about Nokia XL but you can give this a
shot perhaps it will work out well for you. Glo network is really fast here
with minimal data.
How Can I easily Change My Imei?
To change your imei, just opt into google play store and
download engineering mode.apk and you are good to go.
==>Once it’s been downloaded, run and install it directly
on your device. You can then follow the rest procedures in changing your imei.
This method should work out well for you.
Don’t forget to download the software that generate imei
here or request for imei via the comment box.
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53 thoughts on “How To Change Imei via Engineering Mode.apk”

  1. Pls prof. If you change your IMEI to Blackberry, does it mean normal blackberry subscription with any network will work on the phone?

  2. Prof please I need your help, my techno L3 can't boot to recovery mode and as such I can't do most tweakings. I just stops at the robot with stop sign on the chest

  3. Prof. Pls,am asking for the second time. Hw can LG android phones imei number be changed,cos this all d methods do not work for my LG-E615. pls help LG uses.

    • Hello storm, it doesn't have any special procedures. Same procedures with d previous one only dat dis one is more shorter, download, install and from dir u will see ur imei to change

  4. Can dis method work on HTC Sensation? Nd is airtel 4gig a trusted plan cos am eligible but afraid to subscribe cos of d mb zapping

    • Why not use normal htc method for ur sensation. I had posted this before. For d airtel 4gb, on ma end, it doesn't zapp at all. I majorly use it on system and nt android. It lasted me for 7weeks.

  5. The normal HTC method involves d use of SDK tools and i dnt ve a pc while d gravity box app does nt install on my device it keeps saying ''parse error'' i've downloaded diffrent versions of it but it keeps saying ''parse error''

  6. Oga prof, can I change the imei of mytouch 4g. Cos I ve tried all method post but nor seem to work for me. Thanks

  7. кєєρ υρ ωιтн тнє gσσɗ ωσʀк. ρℓѕ кιηɗℓу ѕєηɗ 2ιмei тσ єммαηυєℓċσσℓ99(αт)gmail.ċσм. ι'ℓℓ вє єχρєċтιηg уσυʀ мαιℓ. тнχ

  8. Hi Prof. Please you didn't reply me on how to make my BB Bold 5 access the 3G data service. It stays on EDGE even when I set it to 3G ONLY.
    And please I need 3 BB IMEI numbers. Thanks a whole lot for the work you're doing. God bless you immensely. [email protected]

  9. Pls I need help changing imei on infinix race max me wit AVD nt recognizing my fone nd d@ of d image u talked abt.. Oga Prof na beg I dey beg I helped sum of my frnd wit their fone and mine is difficult

  10. Hello,i kinda need your help
    I flashed a custom ROM (lollipop 5.0.2) on my galaxy s3 device and now am trying to change my imei no so i could use the glo bbm bundle but keep getting an error message "cannot find engineermode app"

    just want to know if me changing the imei no will be possible


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