L6 Smartwatch Phone Winner

Finally we have our winner of the L6 Smartphone watch
giveaway. I sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in this giveaway,
either through comment, sharing and otherwise. One thing you should know is
that yomiprof doesn’t determine who win, Gleam does with the highest entries.
In this case, the highest entry we have here as seen below.

If you do not win, don’t too worry something bigger than
this is coming and I want you to braise up and prepare for the next round.
Thanks everyone, I do appreciate your comments most
especially Victor Olaiya, Victor Emmanuel Newman Mavy and every other person whose name couldn’t be mention. 
To the winner, kindly send me your full name, address, phone
number either via this comment box or to yomiprof at gmail dot com. If I didn’t
see your mail in the next three days, I’ll pick another person.
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17 thoughts on “L6 Smartwatch Phone Winner”

  1. Congratulations o. But Prof the total entry was about 2700. If this two got about 2400 already. What of us. You mean more that 80 who did only contributed 300 entries? I think this gleam platform is erroneous

  2. I checked again n total entries was 2330.adding the first people is already 2300. This result is totally unacceptable. Where are over 100 other contestants entries. I myself and my friend who did is over 300 entries. Please Prof i don't doubt your judgement but i think this should be looked into. 1000 entries a person is humanly not possible is short amount of time the competition started

  3. Congratulations to the winners anyways, and it was cool being mentioned by yomiprof, I might not have won the rthyn l6 but I am a winner someway somehow. Thanks yomiprof. You too much, although doesn't seem like the comment criteria was considered.


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