Important Information to Those Using SMILE, SPECTRANET & SWIFT Unlimited 4G Internet For N5,000

I have tried all I could to make sure that each and every
one of us get the cheapest data plan of the network strongest in your area. It
will be a taboo if you still allow any network to sand you. Lately I learn’t
Spectranet increased their tariff hence scrapping the 7K 20GB plan that works
247 in Lagos. The cheapest data plan you can get on Spectranet network is
N5,000 for 5GB

On this same blog I have shown you how you can get
Spectranet, Swift and Smile Unlimited for N5,000. So I’ll blame you if you
still pay heavily for data regardless of your excuse. Anyway, this information is
for those using SPECTRANET, SMILE AND SWIFT 4G networks.
Swift Unlimited 4G works in all state, Smile Unlimited
equally works In all state except in Ibadan while Spectranet (N5,000 unlimited) is only available
in Abuja for now but with time it will be available in other states. When I mean
unlimited, I mean you can download 1 Terabytes everyday without you getting
scared of exhausting your data. If you need this plan, just mail me and I’ll forward the contact to you.
Also note that any email not coming from yomiprof @ gmail
dot com is a scam so please avoid such email.
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68 thoughts on “Important Information to Those Using SMILE, SPECTRANET & SWIFT Unlimited 4G Internet For N5,000”

  1. Not worth the price I bought 1 month and I regret it because am using mifi and with this cheat I can't change ip and other devices I own cant connect to Internet, I will stick to my MTN Magic sim for now and if the magic stop I will rather pay spectranet or swift than paying this cheat that tie me down, I will need to configure browser before I can browse, believe me prof that price did not worth it for me oooo,
    Maybe people that can download 1 tb in a week can enjoy it but for browsing and to change ip and even share wireless to other devices I can't pay 5k again for this cheat,. I rest my case

  2. bro u for explain much better that its not a direct connection its a tunneler app so if u dont like u might know cos for some people they needd certain ip for somethings they use it for and tunneller get there ups and downs so pls explain its just like using syphon shield


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