My Thought on Black Friday in Nigeria

Gobe is what will happen when you think you can get Tecno Phantom 6 that goes for N92,800 @ the rate of N45,000 during Black Friday.
Disaster is what will happen when you think you can get HP ProBook 440 Laptop 4GB
ram, 500GB hard disk at the rate of N35,000 during Black Friday. Abeg, do you
want to ruin their business?

This year ongoing Black Friday on Konga and Jumia hasn’t
been actually Black to me, we can as well call it Brown Friday because most of
the items listed on Konga from day 1 of their so called Black Friday hasn’t
changed from the original price. In short if care is not taken, you’ll even pay
more for an item on Black Friday than a normal day. The only phone that is
meant for Black Friday is the Gionee M5 mini on Konga going for N35,000 other items
has a question mark.
Jumia on the other hand hasn’t been fair with their prices…
I don’t think they should call it Black Friday, normal Friday will be
preferable. But the truth is, the real Black Friday begins from 25th
; that is why on Konga, you’ll see 25th of Nov locked and
same with Jumia
I codedly crawl pass through Yudala online store and I
discovered that their Black Friday begins from 24th to 28th
of November with an already flash sales of Infinix Zero 3 going for N56,500
(sound a little bit fair though)… but if they can offer Infinix Zero 3 for that
price before the Black Friday, then things should be cheaper on their own Black
Slot on the other hand scheduled their Black Friday to 25th
of November
; we are still waiting to see the magic price that will happen that day.
Now my Question
What actually is Konga and Jumia Black Friday professing?
High the normal price and put beside it another abnormal price? Or do we simply
wait for the so called Flash sale in which I know that the injurious InnJoo
will be part of the Flash sale… 
I am not too bothered about Gearbest, Everbuying Geekbuying
and the rest of their Black Friday’s, I am only concern about our very own Black
Research shows that most customers are disappointed during
Black Friday than they are on a normal day because they don’t really get the
items they want, at the price the budgeted for.
This is just me airing my thought aloud!
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26 thoughts on “My Thought on Black Friday in Nigeria”

  1. the money they spent in advertising the black friday cud av been used to subsidize price of items..I thought i was the only one who noticed this.

  2. Black friday to me was a mourning friday…..seriously how can the prize of a phone (tecno camon c9) be 58k before mourning friday and then on the eve of that day becomes 64k until date…..haba una chop witch?

  3. Prof, if our country disappoint us during the Yellow Friday. Let opt in to Gearbest and Aliexpress. For those of you who are saying you can't other online with ur ATM card well am using my GTB master card link with PayPal account I still other something from everbuying last week.

  4. Nonsense!! Why must Nigeria copy American tradition? Black Friday is not a Nigerian event aren't you guys shameless? Stop copying other people and get your own tradition, useless country and rubbish people always copying up and down!!


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