Will This Ever Get to Your Country? Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

Without much doubt, the selfie craze has touched everybody
who owns a smartphone!  In case you are
not satisfied with the selfie stick brouhaha, Coca Cola has something in stock
for all soda selfie lovers… Coca-cola selfie bottle.

In an effort to stay relevant with drinkers of all ages, the
soda-maker has introduced a new “selfie bottle” that automatically takes photos
while you drink.
How Does it Work?
The company attached a camera-equipped base to a 500 ml Coke
to create what it calls the “world’s first selfie bottle.” It
automatically takes photos when it detects a 70-degree tilt, and you can
transfer photos through its USB port. 
The photos can then instantly be shared on Instagram,
Facebook and Snapchat.
The “Selfie Bottle” has been devised by Gefen Team for the
Coca-Cola as part of its Summer love  outdoor
festival in Israel. But no word yet on whether Coke plans to spread to sipping selfie
love around the globe.
Will this ever get to your country?
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